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2020/09/30 Country singer-songwriter Mac Davis, who wrote ‘In the Ghetto,’ dies at 78
2020/09/30 Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter hits back at unkind comments on her skin tone
2020/09/30 Feminist anthem 'I Am Woman' singer Helen Reddy dies in LA (VIDEO)
2020/09/30 Disney confirms new ‘Lion King’ film with ‘Moonlight’ director
2020/09/30 Very nice! ‘Borat’ sequel coming to Amazon Prime
2020/09/30 Rapper Cardi B gets fans hyped up for new song with K-pop stars Blackpink
2020/09/30 ‘Warrior’ star Andrew Koji says the Bruce Lee inspired TV series set in 1870s is scarily relevant for 2020 (VIDEO)
2020/09/30 ‘Rocky’ and ‘Legally Blonde’ to get the ‘films in concert’ treatment (VIDEO)
2020/09/29 New Batman story to debut on Spotify podcast in 2021
2020/09/29 Gwyneth Paltrow celebrates turning 48 by going nude in garden photoshoot
2020/09/29 Will our next favourite films and TV shows be based on podcasts? (VIDEO)
2020/09/29 Glenn Close to star in a new online adaptation of 'Angels in America' (VIDEO)
2020/09/28 Auction of Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan’s luxurious apartments in Beijing called off
2020/09/28 Cosmetics tycoon Vida lashes out at cyberbullies who shamed daughter Cik B’s ‘hip-hop’ fashion (VIDEO)
2020/09/28 After death of actress, Japan government urges those struggling to cope to seek help
2020/09/28 Kpop boyband BTS to rake in RM229m in shares after label’s IPO priced at top of range
2020/09/28 Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau promises fans concert and a new record after Covid-19 blows over (VIDEO)
2020/09/28 Singer Bella Astillah proud of husband Aliff Aziz for enduring two-week jail sentence in Singapore
2020/09/28 ‘Tenet’ crosses US$280m worldwide, leads mild US box office with US$3.4m
2020/09/28 Georgian film sweeps San Sebastian festival awards
2020/09/26 Van Morrison takes fans back to magic time in coronavirus-shrouded London
2020/09/26 Netflix says it does not agree with Chinese author's views on Uighur Muslims
2020/09/26 Bollywood star Deepika Padukone questioned in drugs probe
2020/09/26 Despite progress, black film directors still struggle to break through
2020/09/26 Beatles memorabilia goes under hammer at online auction
2020/09/26 Bill Murray, the Doobie Brothers and those 'ugly' golf shirts
2020/09/26 Apple buys 'Cherry' from 'Avengers: Endgame' directors
2020/09/25 Top Bollywood actors, including Deepika Padukone, receive summons in Indian drug probe
2020/09/25 Indian legend ‘Paadum Nila’ SP Balasubrahmanyam dies aged 74
2020/09/25 'Juang': Malaysia's biggest film production to honour fight against Covid-19
2020/09/25 Folk-soul singer Michael Kiwanuka wins UK's Mercury Prize
2020/09/25 Malaysian actress Yeo Yann Yann nominated for Best Actress at International Emmy Awards (VIDEO)
2020/09/25 ‘Just a piece of plywood’: Malaysian actress Mimi Lana body shamed for slim figure
2020/09/25 Fans of boy band BTS join swarm of Ants chasing S. Korea's hit IPO
2020/09/25 UK 'Love Island' star calls for revenge porn threats to be made a crime
2020/09/25 Netflix urged to drop planned Chinese sci-fi series, US senators cite Uighurs
2020/09/24 ‘Fleabag,’ ‘Killing Eve’ director Harry Bradbeer reveals what makes a strong female character (VIDEO)
2020/09/24 K-pop company apologises after girl group XUM insults Filipino, African, Native American people
2020/09/24 RMCO baby: After eight years of marriage, Malaysian actor Jehan Miskin and wife expecting first child
2020/09/24 Nigerian pop star Yemi Alade wants to help women in new UN role
2020/09/24 K-pop band BTS delivers 'message of hope' at 75th UN General Assembly
2020/09/23 Malaysia ranks seventh among countries with most K-pop related tweets
2020/09/23 ‘I’m an old hand at big characters’: Superman’s Henry Cavill says no pressure playing Sherlock Holmes (VIDEO)
2020/09/23 Malaysian singer Ashira loses home, separated from son due to living arrangements after loss of income due to MCO
2020/09/23 Anthony Hopkins explores horrors of dementia in 'The Father'
2020/09/23 Netflix commits to supporting Latinx filmmakers
2020/09/22 Malaysian actress Faezah Elai slams society’s negative perceptions of stepmothers
2020/09/22 Based on real life, Janna Nick and Hairul Azreen star in Netflix’s first Malaysian original film (VIDEO)
2020/09/22 ‘Paskal’ director Adrian Teh says fans bought him meals at mamak eateries after the 2018 box office hit (VIDEO)
2020/09/22 Ellen DeGeneres apologises over toxic workplace allegations