Malaysian singer Fynn Jamal: Women ignite men’s lust through face filters, posing provocatively; victim-blaming and #MeToo just ‘Western concepts’

She also claims that victim-blaming along with the MeToo movement are Western concepts. — Picture from Instagram/Fynn Jamal
She also claims that victim-blaming along with the MeToo movement are Western concepts. — Picture from Instagram/Fynn Jamal

PETALING JAYA, June 29 —Social media users have lashed out at YouTube vlogger and singer Fynn Jamal for suggesting that women who used face filter apps provoked men to commit sexual assault.

When discussing the subject of rape on Instagram Stories, Fynn drew the public’s wrath after claiming that women were to blame for posting selfies or photos enhanced by face filters because it “ignited men’s lust”.

“It doesn’t necessarily mean you will be raped but a woman near him may be a victim of his lust,” she wrote recently.

Fynn, who was responding to an Instagram user’s comments on educating followers on the issue of rape, also said in her reply that victim-blaming was a Western concept along with the #MeToo movement, the global campaign against sexual harassment and sexual violence.

In another Instagram Story post, Fynn opined that a woman may be dressed modestly but how they posed for pictures on social media had an impact on other women who could be a potential target for rape.

“That’s because there are women who wear tudung but take pictures as if they’re cats in heat,” she wrote.

“So others who wear tudung become victims.”

She went on to criticise women who uploaded “cute pictures”, saying they should stop pretending that such poses were innocent but were taken with the intention of attracting the opposite sex.



Zahirah Husna who shared Fynn’s response on Twitter received over 21,000 retweets and hundreds of comments.         

“So men are allowed to rape because it’s all women’s fault?” wrote @zulaikhaaina.







Fynn’s controversial views also prompted rapper Caprice to seek an explanation from her – the two exchanged views on the matter via Instagram Live on Saturday night.

In the session, Fynn defended her views that using TikTok, facial filters and face enhancement apps contributed to sex crimes.

“Do you believe that all women get made up for men? My mum puts makeup on not for my dad but to look and feel good.

“But when you make the connection that using face filters leads to rape, I’m confused,” Caprice said.



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Although the two did not reach an agreement, Caprice told followers there was no animosity between them and that he only wanted to understand where she was coming from.

“I cannot accept the link between rape cases being committed due to the usage of filters on Instagram.

“I’m sorry if you disagree, a crime is a crime no matter how you look at it,” Caprice said.