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2020/06/30 Covid-19: After over 100 days of closure, cinema operators in Malaysia ready to welcome back moviegoers
2020/06/30 ‘We have no confidence in Finas’: Malaysian music industry objects to government agency overseeing music industry
2020/06/30 ‘The Simpsons’ ends white actors voicing characters of colour
2020/06/30 Amazon and Michael B. Jordan’s ‘A Night at the Drive-in’ aims to promote multiculturalism in film
2020/06/30 Kaepernick will be subject of six-part Netflix series
2020/06/29 Disney+ Hotstar to premiere Bollywood films, bypassing theatres
2020/06/29 Indonesian actress Anya Geraldine raises eyebrows after confessing to baby bottle drinking habit
2020/06/29 Malaysian singer Fynn Jamal: Women ignite men’s lust through face filters, posing provocatively; victim-blaming and #MeToo just ‘Western concepts’
2020/06/29 Malaysian social media reacts negatively to singer Atilia Haron’s barefoot yoga in PJ grocery store (VIDEO)
2020/06/29 Black lives celebrated and mourned at emotional BET Awards
2020/06/28 Disney delays ‘Mulan’ release again as virus cases surge
2020/06/27 ‘Cyberpunk: Edgerunners’ anime coming from ‘Kill la Kill’ studio (VIDEO)
2020/06/27 Will streaming be theatre’s death or its saviour?
2020/06/26 Malaysian singer Santesh Kumar nails Michael Jackson’s ‘Black or White’ for King of Pop’s 11th death anniversary tribute
2020/06/26 Blackpink talk world domination, collab with Lady Gaga ahead of comeback single ‘How You Like That’ (VIDEO)
2020/06/26 Covid-19: Japanese pop idols greet fans using gloves, plastic sheets as part of new normal
2020/06/26 Christopher Nolan movie 'Tenet' delayed again amid coronavirus outbreak
2020/06/26 ‘I’m living in the twilight zone just like the rest of the world,’ says Emmy winner Billy Porter (VIDEO)
2020/06/26 New Woody Allen film to open Spanish film festival
2020/06/26 Michael Bay to produce a pandemic-themed thriller with Demi Moore
2020/06/25 Universal preparing a reboot of ‘Twister’
2020/06/25 Bollywood to resume shoots but virus rules dull its shine
2020/06/25 Malaysian comedienne Joanne Kam makes roast pork for sale after work affected by Covid-19 pandemic
2020/06/25 'Gone with the Wind' returns to HBO Max with commentary on brutality of slavery
2020/06/24 Broadway smash ‘Hamilton’ comes to Disney+ amid US reckoning on racism
2020/06/24 Taylor Swift and Katy Perry to perform at Stonewall Event
2020/06/24 Britain’s Royal Mail to commemorate Queen in new collection of stamps
2020/06/24 Malaysian actress Emelda Rosmila sues entrepreneur Zarina Anjoulie for RM1m in ongoing feud
2020/06/24 Netflix snags ‘Karate Kid’ sequel ‘Cobra Kai’
2020/06/24 ‘So small, no need to show off’: Malaysian actress Sharifah Sakinah cyberbullied over chest size
2020/06/24 Tolkien TV show seeks burns victims, amputees as extras
2020/06/24 ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ scriptwriter Adele Lim and Penang musician Paul Augustin are this year’s Cammies Gamechangers
2020/06/24 TV show on Trump-Comey clash now likely to air before November election
2020/06/24 Porn star Ron Jeremy charged with rape and sexual assault
2020/06/23 Netflix to screen Kristen Stewart’s lockdown short
2020/06/23 MBO making extensive preparations to reopen on July 1
2020/06/23 Wak Doyok to close down Starvillion boutique in Shah Alam, clearance sale starts tomorrow with prices as low as RM1
2020/06/23 Global K-pop fans emerge as political force, but some in S.Korea worry
2020/06/23 Golden Globes set for Feb 28 as virus delays award season
2020/06/23 British actors and actresses demand an end to ‘systemic racism’ in the UK film industry
2020/06/23 Viewers cringe after FOX TV anchor asks boyband TXT about K-pop fans sabotaging Trump rally
2020/06/23 ‘Average, but they are so proud’: Indonesian TV presenter Maria Vania on receiving unsolicited nude pictures on Instagram
2020/06/23 ‘Batman Forever’ and ‘Lost Boys’ director Schumacher dies at 80
2020/06/23 ViacomCBS’ new ‘SpongeBob’ movie will skip theatres to stream on home screens
2020/06/22 Amid increased debate about racism, BBC unveils £100m ‘diversity’ fund
2020/06/22 Shakira, Miley, Usher, Beckham and von der Leyen join forces to support the search for Covid-19 vaccine
2020/06/22 Paris throws off mask to party like the virus never was
2020/06/22 Malaysian cinematographer picks up international awards for Dutch short film ‘Patroon’
2020/06/22 DC’s ‘Stargirl’ actress Brec Bassinger gave iconic Cosmic Staff imaginary lines to make scenes believable (VIDEO)
2020/06/22 ‘Unnecessary uproar’: Malaysian production company refuses to reshoot blackface scenes in ‘Dayang Senandung’ despite colourism accusations