Da’i Farhan reported to Jais for allegedly tarnishing Islam’s image with second marriage

Nik Farhan pictured with his new wife, only known as Dr Aireen. — Picture via Instagram
Nik Farhan pictured with his new wife, only known as Dr Aireen. — Picture via Instagram

PETALING JAYA, Dec 13 — Preacher Nik Ahmad Farhan Nik Mohamad has been reported to the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) for allegedly running afoul of Islamic family law.

The religious scholar, who rose to fame on TV3’s Da’i, is accused of marrying a second wife without the knowledge of his first spouse, Fatin Nurul Ain Mat Aris, as well as pronouncing the talak satu (divorce pronouncement) to Fatin via a WhatsApp voice note without court approval, mStar reported.

The complaint was lodged by Ches Al-Maliki, a friend and confidante of Fatin’s.

“If found guilty, Nik Farhan could face a fine up to RM1,000 or up to six months of prison, or both,” said Shariah lawyer Datuk Hazizah Kassim, who is representing Ches.

Hazizah added that Nik Farhan’s prior responses to Ches on social media have “tarnished” the image of Islam.

He had accused Ches of slander after she revealed that his marriage to a single mum-of-eight in Mecca was done without seeking permission from Fatin, who is currently pregnant with their second child.

“What Ches has done here today is to put a halt to incidents that can be seen as demeaning and attracting negative attention towards Islam.

“If we scrutinise the situation, Nik Farhan is also guilty of slander and has made Islam be looked down on through his words, actions, and writings.

“Based on his statements on social media, he has ridiculed and polluted the purity of Islam.

“Hopefully, it can serve as a lesson to other preachers out there to not simply put out public statements,” said Hazizah.

Nik Farhan had previously revoked a police report he made against Ches for slander and was given 24 hours to issue a public apology and explanation, with Ches threatening to take legal action if he failed to do so.

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