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2019/10/31 K-pop’s BTS finish tour with millions generated
2019/10/31 Actress Rita Rudaini takes swipe at ex-husband for silence on defamatory comments about their kids
2019/10/31 Unique interactive Malaysian film ‘Blink’ is a poignant piece about spending time with loved ones before they’re gone (VIDEO)
2019/10/31 Dig if you will the picture... of Prince, in his own words
2019/10/31 Korean police to recommend indictment against former YG Entertainment CEO, ex-Big Bang member
2019/10/31 Instagram user apologises for defaming actress Rita Rudaini, but may still face lawsuit
2019/10/31 Hong Kong actress Jacqueline Wong target of rumours, sister Scarlett brushes off gossip
2019/10/31 Ringo Starr ‘emotional’ as Beatles come together in new recording
2019/10/31 Asian video streamers battle Western giants
2019/10/31 Taylor Swift to Receive Artist of the Decade Award at 2019 American Music Awards
2019/10/31 Nicolas Cage to star in thriller ‘Wally’s Wonderland’
2019/10/31 Issa Rae working on HBO Max’s new comedy series
2019/10/31 Netflix has plans for a sequel to ‘The Princess Switch’ with Vanessa Hudgens
2019/10/31 HBO Max working on a new Green Lantern series
2019/10/31 Sneak peek of the ‘Charlie’s Angels’ soundtrack unveiled (VIDEO)
2019/10/31 Actor Cuba Gooding Jr charged with unlawfully touching third woman, says lawyer
2019/10/31 More than music: Apple Music as the musician’s best friend?
2019/10/30 Megan Thee Stallion plays a private investigator in first episode of ‘Hottieween’
2019/10/30 Oscar Isaac to star in ‘The Card Counter’
2019/10/30 Criticism after Japan festival drops ‘comfort women’ film
2019/10/30 Patrick Schwarzenegger to join cast of Amy Poehler’s film ‘Moxie’
2019/10/30 Boyband EXO to bring festive K-pop cheer to KL this December with ‘EXplOration’ world tour
2019/10/30 Small screen holds big appeal for Hollywood A-listers
2019/10/30 Movie based on popular novel puts South Korean gender divide back in focus
2019/10/30 ‘Watchmen’ star Regina King on being politically engaged and Sister Night’s biggest struggle (VIDEO)
2019/10/30 Quibi: The new mobile-centric short-form streaming service
2019/10/30 Sweet surprise: Celeb chef Fazley Yaakob bakes birthday cake for GrabFood rider fan (VIDEO)
2019/10/30 After ‘sexy’ outfit remarks, actress Nadia Brian wants to sue haters for damaging her reputation (VIDEO)
2019/10/30 See the final trailer for Rian Johnson’s ‘Knives Out’ (VIDEO)
2019/10/30 Watch this new featurette for Stephen King’s ‘Doctor Sleep’ (VIDEO)
2019/10/30 John Legend updates ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ to remove date rape lines
2019/10/30 After 20-year wait, Emmerich recounts WW2 battle in drama ‘Midway’
2019/10/30 New ‘Star Wars’ movie era in disarray after ‘GoT’ creators exit
2019/10/30 ‘Game of Thrones’ prequel on the way as HBO Max launch revealed
2019/10/30 Linda Hamilton's existential crisis on return to 'Terminator' franchise
2019/10/30 The CW developing 'Superman & Lois' series
2019/10/30 Just in time for Halloween, 'The Grudge' reboot gets terrifying trailer (VIDEO)
2019/10/29 Disney orders LeBron James-produced docu-series ‘Becoming’
2019/10/29 Chance the Rapper, MadeinTYO and DaBaby team up in new ‘Hot Shower’ video (VIDEO)
2019/10/29 ‘Game of Thrones’ creators opt out of the new ‘Star Wars’ trilogy
2019/10/29 Disney unveils trailer for Disney Plus ‘Star Wars’ spin-off ‘The Mandalorian’ (VIDEO)
2019/10/29 Rapper Namewee claims latest song about smoking banned in at least three countries (VIDEO)
2019/10/29 King of Romance Engelbert Humperdinck to perform in Melaka for charity concert
2019/10/29 Contenders cramming TV streaming arena
2019/10/29 Actress Jacqueline Wong will not be returning to Hong Kong anytime soon
2019/10/29 Live sports, the newest weapon in the TV streaming war
2019/10/29 Ahead of auction, Olivia Newton-John recalls being stitched into 'Grease' costume
2019/10/29 The CW orders new episodes of 'Batwoman' and 'Nancy Drew'
2019/10/29 Rachel Weisz to play Elizabeth Taylor in new biopic
2019/10/29 'The Annas?': Oscar honorees target Hollywood gender equality