Must-see TV this June: 'Black Mirror,' 'Big Little Lies,' 'The Handmaid's Tale' and more (VIDEO)

The fifth season of 'Black Mirror' premieres June 5 on Netflix.
The fifth season of 'Black Mirror' premieres June 5 on Netflix.

LOS ANGELES, May 31 ― TV networks and VOD platforms have plenty in store for June. Several hit shows are set to return this month, with new seasons of Black Mirror and Big Little Lies, not to mention third seasons of The Handmaid's Tale and 3%. For something new, check out Nicolas Winding Refn's series Too Old to Die Young, starring Miles Teller.

Black Mirror

Two years after the last season, the futuristic series returns for a fifth season with three new episodes. With themes such as love, sex and friendship, the show explores the darker side of technology and how it can affect the lives of its users. There's no word yet on what storylines await in the latest three episodes, but Miley Cyrus, Topher Grace and Anthony Mackie are all on the cast.

Season five

Premieres June 5 on Netflix

The Handmaid's Tale

June returns in her namesake month to fight the patriarchy from the inside. The young woman is determined to bring down Gilead, where women are considered the property of men, and this year, Serena Joy Waterford (Yvonne Strahovski) could well prove to be an ally. In this misogynistic and totalitarian society, June, aka Offred, has no intention of giving up the fight.

Season three

Premieres June 5 on Hulu


Destination Brazil for this futuristic post-apocalyptic thriller. After succeeding the tough selection and elimination process, participants' worries are far from over. Now, the lucky 3% have to fight to stay alive when a sandstorm, coupled with a suspicious malfunction, destroys their food and water supply. Faced with the threat of hunger, the residents demand a process to determine who will stay.

Season three

Premieres June 6 on Netflix

Big Little Lies

The Monterey Five are back and this time their secret weighs even heavier. Two years after the first season, the five women ― Madeline (Reese Witherspoon), Celeste (Nicole Kidman), Jane (Shailene Woodley), Renata (Laura Dern) and Bonnie (Zoe Kravitz) ― are forced to face up to the death of Perry (Alexander Skarsgard) whose mother ― played by Meryl Streep ― has come looking for answers about her son's death. As time goes by and tension mounts, each woman becomes increasingly anxious about the events of that infamous night.

Season two

Premieres June 9 on HBO

Too Old To Die Young

Martin Jones is no ordinary detective, leading a double life as a contract killer in the Los Angeles underground. Coming under the sway of Viggo, a mysterious vigilante with an apocalyptic vision, Martin suffers an existential crisis, leading him deeper into a blood-soaked world of violence and murder. This dark odyssey takes Martin to the deserts of New Mexico and a pair of Satan-worshipping brothers who have their own ideas of good and evil.

Season one

Premieres June 14 on Amazon Prime Video ― AFP-Relaxnews

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