PU Abu is still Ain Afini’s husband, divorce through WhatsApp invalid, Syariah Court says

The Klang Syariah Lower Court has decided their marriage is still valid. — Pictures from Instagram/PU Abu and Ain Afini
The Klang Syariah Lower Court has decided their marriage is still valid. — Pictures from Instagram/PU Abu and Ain Afini

PETALING JAYA, May 15 — Speculation over the marital status between Pencetus Ummah (PU) Abu and his wife Ain Afini Latif has finally been answered.

The Klang Syariah Lower Court maintained that the PU Abu, whose real name is Mohammad Abu Sufyan Mohd Mokhtar Rozaidi, is still legally married to his wife.

According to mStar, Syarie Judge Mohd Nurulazhar Mohd Tohar decided that PU Abu's divorce proclamation via WhatsApp was not valid.

Mohd Nurulazhar, in his judgment, said the pronouncement of divorce has to be written and regarded as kinayah (indirect expression) which requires swearing.

“Abu Sufyan, as a husband you must take care of your wife and child in her stomach. People who are pregnant have different feelings and you can’t wash your hands of responsibility,” Mohd Nurulazhar said.

The court also instructed the couple to register their lafaz rujuk cerai (reconciliation) which took place on February 23 after discovering it was valid.

In the proceeding, Ain, 23, the plaintiff was not represented by a lawyer.

She told the lawyer that they divorced earlier this year on January 28 with the permission of the court through one talak after their nuptials on August 31 last year.

The pair then decided to patch things up at 11am in PU Abu’s Selayang Baru home on February 23.

However, PU Abu was found to have sent a divorce pronouncement via WhatsApp at 11.44am on March 13, a week after he left Ain.

The defendant PU Abu confirmed his message but explained he did not have the intention of divorcing Ain Afini besides not pronouncing the divorce verbally.

“I still love my wife and want to live with her. I’m also responsible for the child she is carrying.

“I admit the mistake of leaving my wife for reasons that I cannot elaborate. I also apologise to my in-laws,” PU Abu said.

He also swore on his statements while Ain who stood beside him and listened.

PU Abu’s domestic kerfuffle made headlines last month when his ex-wife Ain exposed to the public that she was left by her husband while seven months pregnant.

Ain said the cause of the divorce was due to a third party, a single mother known as Hana Azraa.

Ain also revealed that the reality television preacher asked her permission to practice polygamy just two months into their marriage.

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