Julianne Moore, Stephen King and JJ Abrams collaborating on ‘Lisey’s Story’

US actress Julianne Moore at the 76th annual Golden Globe Awards, January 2019. ― AFP pic
US actress Julianne Moore at the 76th annual Golden Globe Awards, January 2019. ― AFP pic

LOS ANGELES, April 10 — One big scoop that didn’t make it into March’s Apple TV+ event was this: Julianne Moore of Hannibal and Kingsman: The Golden Circle is to play the lead in Lisey’s Story, a horror romance series written by Stephen King for Lost creator J. J. Abrams.

Having played villainous Margaret White in 2013’s adaptation of Stephen King classic Carrie, Moore is to become a widow exploring the truth about her dead husband for Apple’s J. J. Abrams interpretation of 2006 horror romance Lisey’s Story, per THR.

It’ll be Stephen King’s interpretation too as, relatively unusually, the bestselling author is on board as scriptwriter too.

With over 260 writing credits for film and TV conversions, King’s actual scriptwriting credits remain extremely rare.

Those dozen or so treatments have ranged from infamous lone directorial stint Maximum Overdrive to a miniseries based on The Stand and a 2004 reworking of Kingdom Hospital.

Add to that the eight-episode run of Lisey’s Story, which becomes a third Apple TV+ project in production at Bad Robot, J.J. Abrams’ production company, after My Glory Was I Had Such Friends with Jennifer Garner and Little Voice.

Previous King and Abrams projects include Hulu’s Castle Rock and 11.22.63.

Apple TV+ is to launch sometime between September and November 2019, around about the same time period as Disney’s own subscription service Disney+ is expected to launch, while Warner Bros is also expected to debut a tiered service before the end of the year. ― AFP-Relaxnews

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