Poor reviews don’t faze Wong Jing

Wong Jing doesn’t mind people criticising his movies. — CinemaOnline pic
Wong Jing doesn’t mind people criticising his movies. — CinemaOnline pic

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HONG KONG, Dec 1 — Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Jing recently stated that he doesn’t care that his new movie, The Golden Monk has low-ratings on Chinese review aggregation websites like Mnet and Douban.

The director, who sat down for an interview with Tencent recently stated that he respects all the evaluations on his movies and doesn’t mind the criticisms made about them.

“As long as the scores on other platforms are okay, it’s fine by me. But if my movies are rated low by all the websites and critics alike, then I have a problem. But if it’s just from one platform, there’s no issue,” he said.

Wong used his previous movie, From Vegas to Macau as an example.

“The first two instalments didn’t get a low score on Douban, only the third one. But the third movie was the most successful at the box office,” he said.

As for people who would avoid his movies altogether because of these ratings, he said, “It doesn’t matter, as long as it’s not a personal attack on me. I am still Wong Jing. I am the same person [who made the movies] in the ‘90s and today. I make movies that people like, and I won’t mind what people say about it. If you buy a ticket to see it, it’s enough to make me happy. But if you like the movie, that’s even better.” — CinemaOnline

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