MELAKA, Nov 9 — The physical campaign ban has been a "slap in the face” for the DAP as the party now faces an uphill challenge to gather supporters and canvass for votes, said its organising secretary Anthony Loke.

More importantly, Loke said the rallies were not only a means for the party to get its message across but also to collect donations in past elections.

“While we will continue our effort through permissible means to engage with voters, we implore our members nationwide to help us with donations,’’ he said.

In light of the restrictions in place, Loke said the party will roll out an online media campaign, including talk shows, online speeches and short video messages every night.

This includes the use of two lorries equipped with public address systems that will blast pre-recorded messages, said Loke.

Yesterday, the Election Commision (EC) issued its list of dos-and-don’ts for political campaigning in the Melaka state polls, where prohibited activities now inclide walkabouts and ceramah — which have been popular ways for candidates, especially those in the Opposition, to engage with voters on the campaign trail.

Candidates are also prohibited from using stationary vehicles, such as trucks or vans equipped with loudspeakers to deliver their ceramah.

However, they are allowed to address the public from these equipped trucks and vans as long as the vehicle does not stop on the road.

The same goes for playing recorded messages or disseminating political messages on loudspeakers. It is allowed as long as the vehicle keeps moving.

Prior to the EC’s rules, the Health Ministry had announced a ban on all political gatherings and social events linked to the election from October 25 till November 27.