Transport Ministry unveils anti-graft blueprint

PUTRAJAYA, Oct 30 — The Transport Ministry (MoT) has launched its Organisational Anti-Corruption Plan (OACP) 2020-2025 which consists of 82 initiatives relating to procurement, law enforcement, financial management, and administrative best practices.

“The 82 initiatives in the OACP detailed the approaches and steps in eliciting trust and ensuring competence in its services across the ministry’s deliverables that address 35 corruption risks,” MoT said in a statement today.

The ministry said the OACP, which also marks its formal commitment to the National Anti-Corruption Plan 2019-2023, provides guidance with detailed strategies and initiatives to detect, prevent, and act against any form of graft, corruption, misconduct, and fraud that may occur related to MoT, its agencies and related stakeholders.

“It is geared towards creating a mindset and culture that rejects corruption in all its forms and embracing administrative management based on integrity, transparency, accountability, and excellence in service to the rakyat and all our stakeholders,” it said. 

MoT said the document would be distributed to all agencies and units that report to the MoT to inculcate the values and professionalism needed to strengthen integrity and accountability across its deliverables, and reduce fraud, misuse of authority, and graft anywhere it could be committed.

MoT said the main strategies and initiatives under the OACP are formed from risk assessments, disciplinary case records, integrity breaches, internal and external audits, and brainstorming sessions involving all divisions, units, minister and deputy minister’s offices, under the guidance of the Malaysian Institute of Integrity (IIM) throughout the whole process of compiling the OACP. 

On October 14, MoT secretary-general Datuk Isham Ishak signed the Ministry’s Anti Corruption Policy statement, which pledged to strengthen its best practices in service quality towards a holistic improvement of the entire transport ecosystem. — Bernama