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2020/02/29 Official: Dr M’s full list of 114 MPs backing him for PM
2020/02/29 Return democracy to Parliament's hands, Ambiga urges as power set to change hands
2020/02/29 Even with Muhyiddin as PM, Rais Yatim claims Dr M will not let country descend to chaos
2020/02/29 Media in jovial mood in the run-up to Pakatan declaring support from 114 MPs
2020/02/29 Covid-19: Malaysian among latest positive cases in Singapore
2020/02/29 Dr M says has majority with 114 MPs’ backing to be PM, will inform Agong
2020/02/29 Malaysia, where distrust runs deep and everything is possible
2020/02/29 Disclose the conditions for supporting Muhyiddin as 8th prime minister, Sarawak CM urged
2020/02/29 As Muhyiddin waits to be sworn in, Dr M’s team works around the clock to prove majority support
2020/02/29 Your offer to cooperate with GPS not convincing, Sarawak DAP chairman told
2020/02/29 Mukhriz questions how Muhyiddin can be PM when six MPs from Bersatu supports Dr M
2020/02/29 DBKL to implement waste management pilot project at Pinggiran Bukit Jalil PPR
2020/02/29 Economist: Muhyiddin expected to put macroeconomic stability top of agenda
2020/02/29 Sarawak CM: GPS only backing Muhyiddin as PM, not part of his Perikatan Nasional coalition
2020/02/29 2020 stimulus: RM600 one-off payment a relief to taxi drivers
2020/02/29 Sabah expands entry restriction to travellers from South Korea starting March 1
2020/02/29 Muhyiddin’s allies rejoice, says appointment should not be questioned
2020/02/29 Covid-19: Malaysia monitoring developments in Iran, Italy
2020/02/29 ‘Malay first’: Malaysia’s Muhyiddin allies with nationalists to become PM (VIDEO)
2020/02/29 Journalist helps locate two European tourists missing in Sarawak nature reserve
2020/02/29 Salahuddin: Pakatan to probe Muhyiddin’s appointment as PM, claims coalition commands 112 MPs’ support
2020/02/29 In joyous celebration at home, Muhyiddin calls for Malaysians to accept King’s decision (VIDEO)
2020/02/29 Kelantan police make mega drug haul in 2019
2020/02/29 Zahid Hamidi says ‘mission accomplished’ after leaving Muhyiddin’s residence
2020/02/29 Istana Negara: Muhyiddin to be sworn in as Malaysia’s PM tomorrow
2020/02/29 PKR: Keningau MP backs Tun M for PM
2020/02/29 PKR sec-gen: 92 MPs back Dr M as PM
2020/02/29 Sabah’s Warisan confirms still supporting Dr M as PM
2020/02/29 Sarawak DAP appeals to GPS to help prevent extremists and religious bigots from seizing power
2020/02/29 Sole SUPP MP joins PKR
2020/02/29 Report: Dr M’s daughter brokered PH talks that resulted in his PM candidacy today
2020/02/29 Upko backs Dr M for PM post
2020/02/29 Of nasi briyani, pizza and sirap bandung, media served lunch outside Istana Negara
2020/02/29 Umno’s Ismail Sabri: Mahathir no longer credible for wanting to become PM again
2020/02/29 Salahuddin: It's Dr M's job to bring back Bersatu into Pakatan Harapan
2020/02/29 Will the 8th Prime Minister stand up please but do it one by one
2020/02/29 Anwar meets Agong to present Pakatan’s change of stance letter to nominate Dr M as PM
2020/02/29 Sarawak CM says GPS will support any coalition
2020/02/29 Bersatu sec-gen refutes Muhyiddin, once again affirms Dr M as party chairman
2020/02/29 Kadir Jasin warns of possible curb of media freedom with Pakatan’s collapse
2020/02/29 Dr M leaves home for wedding function before meeting with Agong
2020/02/29 Muhyiddin declares himself as acting Bersatu chairman until party election is held
2020/02/29 Now, DAP, Amanah leaders meet Agong over PM nomination
2020/02/29 Anwar and Wan Azizah arrive at Eastin Hotel ahead of meeting with Agong
2020/02/29 Anything can for national interests, including working with GPS, says Sarawak DAP
2020/02/29 Guan Eng: Momentous decision to protect people’s mandate made
2020/02/29 Muhyiddin: I’m bringing Perikatan Nasional’s voice to the palace
2020/02/29 Bersatu, PAS, Umno and ex-PKR faction leaders arrive at Istana Negara to nominate PM
2020/02/29 PH backs Dr M, who says he now has numbers to be PM
2020/02/29 Political party leaders summoned to meet Agong for PM nomination