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2019/06/30 Tok Mat: GE15 will be called next year, PH won’t last long
2019/06/30 Ahmad Faizal: Perak Pakatan united in planning development for people
2019/06/30 Cuepacs urges govt to review minimum wage
2019/06/30 Two more Orang Asli warded at Hulu Terengganu hospital
2019/06/30 Hire more from OKU community and empower them, says Penang deputy chief minister
2019/06/30 It’s not difficult to obtain halal certification, says Fuziah
2019/06/30 Selangor govt to take action against Sungai Semenyih water pollution culprit
2019/06/30 Visit Pasir Gudang and restore people’s confidence, Johor opposition leader tells MB
2019/06/30 Niosh chief: Review occupational safety and health policies in hospitals
2019/06/30 Zuraida: Home ownership campaign extended to December
2019/06/30 Stop-work order at landslide-hit resort in Batu Ferringhi, says Penang City Council director
2019/06/30 Johor MB says state in final stages of revising quit rent rates
2019/06/30 Kelantan MB: Manganese mine in Kuala Koh sealed
2019/06/30 SPAN directed to investigate pollution incident affecting Sg Semenyih water treatment plant
2019/06/30 Rise above criticisms, Warisan leaders told
2019/06/30 N.Sembilan MB: Civil servants must find out people’s problems, needs
2019/06/30 Barely hours after schools reopen in Pasir Gudang, 30 students, teachers fall ill again
2019/06/30 Zahid: I’m back as Umno president
2019/06/30 DPM: Comprehensive solution needed for Pasir Gudang pollution problem
2019/06/30 Minister: Pay increase for Malaysian Armed Forces personnel to be reviewed
2019/06/30 ‘Outsiders’ are jealous of Sarawak because of its natural resources, says CM
2019/06/30 Doctor-hospital bed ratio in Johor still way off Health Ministry target, says exco
2019/06/30 Deputy minister: Broaden recruitment scope for Territorial Army Regiment
2019/06/30 Anwar says annoyed by media’s focus on PM transition
2019/06/30 Family time important for married couples, DPM reminds employers
2019/06/30 Put ego aside and work together to help disabled community, urges deputy minister
2019/06/30 Haziq pleads with Dr M for fair treatment over sex video
2019/06/30 DPM urges parents, employers to make full use of sex offenders’ registry
2019/06/30 No replacement classes for Pasir Gudang schools ordered shut
2019/06/30 Guan Eng: Incentives for first-time homebuyers extended for six months
2019/06/30 Malaysian-owned Battersea Power Station glass chimney a London must-see in 2021
2019/06/30 Klang MP: Task force investigating Pastor Koh, Amri’s enforced disappearances lacks credibility
2019/06/30 Mohd Anuar Taib remains Petronas EVP, Upstream Business CEO
2019/06/30 AirAsia can resurrect ‘dying’ Malaysia Airlines, says Kadir Jasin
2019/06/30 Malaysians to cut back on soft drinks once sugar tax kicks in, survey finds
2019/06/30 Mega PAS-Umno rally to unite Muslims, say leaders
2019/06/30 Child dies after ‘playful’ fist-fight with uncle
2019/06/30 Health Ministry to probe tainted bottled water from Malaysia after Singapore ban
2019/06/30 Dr M: Under Pakatan govt, no Malaysians will be left behind
2019/06/30 Opposition MPs lukewarm about letting 18-year-olds vote
2019/06/29 Rafidah: No point hitting university KPIs if lecturers ‘steal’ PhD students’ work
2019/06/29 Najib: Zahid doesn’t need Umno supreme council’s nod to resume duties as president
2019/06/29 ‘Bossku’ Najib meets over 2,000 fans, supporters at Hari Raya open house
2019/06/29 Rafidah: Let vernacular schools take natural course instead of calling for abolition
2019/06/29 Anwar: Development must not be at expense of people’s wellbeing
2019/06/29 Chemistry Dept report on Sungai Semenyih pollution ready next week
2019/06/29 Muhyiddin: Mokhtar’s inclusion in task force won’t affect probe into Pastor Koh, Amri disappearances
2019/06/29 Teoh Beng Hock’s death: AG to issue statement next week
2019/06/29 Rafidah says personally advised Pakatan ministers, wives against ego trip, corruption
2019/06/29 DPM: One activity centre, one parliamentary constituency so senior citizens can be active