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2019/06/18 Anwar: Azmin should not step down over sex video issue
2019/06/18 Dr M to lead Malaysian delegation to Asean Summit in Bangkok
2019/06/18 Health minister: Seven measles cases in Terengganu, four in Pahang
2019/06/18 Imaret to install water treatment system in Kuala Koh following measles outbreak
2019/06/18 Op Selamat KL records sharp drop in road fatalities over Raya
2019/06/18 Niosh: Give tax rebate on personal protective equipment to promote workplace safety
2019/06/18 Kingfisher Beer owners deny beverages caused deaths of quartet in Johor
2019/06/18 Ten fishermen feared abducted by Abu Sayyaf militants off Lahad Datu
2019/06/18 Anwar’s aide says Azmin should resign if sex video authentic, insists attack not from PKR
2019/06/18 Four dead, one blind in Johor after drinking cheap liquor tainted with methanol
2019/06/18 Socso to expand coverage to include farmers, rubber smallholders and fishermen
2019/06/18 Putrajaya planning nationwide port expansion, says minister
2019/06/18 Report on Wang Kelian RCI findings to be presented to King in September
2019/06/18 Third wave of videos released in ongoing attack against Azmin
2019/06/18 Kelantan deputy MB: Orang Asli community to be moved out of Kuala Koh
2019/06/18 Malaysia’s inconsistent pre-school standards affect future productivity, World Bank study shows
2019/06/18 Deputy IGP says may summon other PKR members for questioning in sex video probe
2019/06/18 No decision yet on Haziq’s position, says ministry sec-gen
2019/06/18 PAS MP slams Teo for getting non-Muslims’ feedback on Islamic studies
2019/06/18 After sex video scandal, govt moots law against intrusion of privacy
2019/06/18 PKR endgame in sight if besieged Azmin runs for president
2019/06/18 Najib's administration approved RM100m loan to repay interests, late payment penalties of SRC’s RM4b loan in 2015, court told
2019/06/18 DPM says seeking cooperation within Asean to help curb child sex abuse
2019/06/18 CyberSecurity Malaysia tasked with analysing sex videos, says CEO
2019/06/18 Haziq black sheep in PKR think tank, says Azmin’s aide
2019/06/18 Foreign minister says saddened by Mursi’s passing
2019/06/18 Ipoh council to work with animal rights group on capture of strays
2019/06/18 Najib claimed no vested interest in SRC International during Cabinet meetings, says witness
2019/06/18 Calling Mat Sabu a DAP tool is oldest trick in the book, aide tells Putra politician
2019/06/18 July 26 hearing for Rosmah’s application to stay asset declaration
2019/06/18 Dr Wan Azizah again says will not step aside as DPM for Anwar
2019/06/18 Najib’s Cabinet did not object to SRC International’s first loan of RM2b, court told
2019/06/18 Anwar’s aide denies fleeing to Manila safe house, clarifies still in the country
2019/06/18 Elections will be PAS-Umno vs Pakatan, says Tuan Ibrahim
2019/06/18 Rosmah: I wasn’t booted out of courtroom, left on my own accord
2019/06/18 Ex-SRC director Ismee denies pressured to implicate Najib in corruption trial
2019/06/18 DPM: Malaysia looks forward to Egypt’s report on Mursi’s sudden death
2019/06/18 Couple in Penang thought to be child kidnappers only durian hunting, say police
2019/06/18 Perak PKR chief on leave and not missing, deputy clarifies
2019/06/18 PAS deputy says Dr M not above calling snap polls to stabilise Pakatan rule
2019/06/18 Bank Negara appoints Aznan Abdul Aziz as new assistant governor
2019/06/18 Unfair to make statements while cops probe sex videos, says Azmin
2019/06/18 Prai solar factory workers protest after allegedly labelled as ‘rubbish’ by manager
2019/06/18 ‘I’m a victim’, Haziq insists after ‘private moment’ leaked
2019/06/18 Azmin says ‘convinced’ sex videos are inside job after PKR man goes missing
2019/06/18 10, including four children, injured in 14-vehicle NKVE pile-up
2019/06/18 US writer resurrects MH370 conspiracy, blames Malaysian officials for bungling protocol
2019/06/18 Rosmah leaves court after prosecution objects to her presence during Najib’s trial
2019/06/18 Malaysia’s prerogative to reject western influences like LGBT values, says Dr M
2019/06/18 Kuala Koh Orang Asli deaths a tragic lesson to anti-vaxxers, says ex-health minister