Selangor exco: Youth scheme take-up will rise with Pakatan in Putrajaya

SHAH ALAM, March 20 — Selangor expects the adoption of federal youth schemes to improve now that Pakatan Harapan governs both the state and the country, said exco member Mohd Khairuddin Othman.

The youth, sports development and human resource development committee chairman earlier conceded that the take-up rate was low and blamed this on a lack of interaction with the previous Barisan Nasional administration.

“Before, there is no cooperation with Youth and Sports Department as well as the Youth and Sports Ministry,

“We grew our sports industry and used equipment that was already present at the state and district level,” he said in the state assembly today.

Ronnie Liu (PH-Sungai Pelek) earlier asked why the adoption rate among youths for federal training schemes was as low as 30 per cent.

He said these provided opportunities to develop the state’s youth and questioned why the state government was not working to improve this.

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