After Pasir Gudang, Selangor rep says Jeram could be next disaster zone

SHAH ALAM, March 20 — Jeram assemblyman Mohd Shaid Rosli warned his constituency could face a disaster like Sungai Kim Kim in Pasir Gudang, Johor, if authorities keep ignoring the dumping and pollution at the river there.

In his debate of the royal address at the Selangor assembly today, the Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) lawmaker said the local council was slow or unresponsive to complaints of an illegal rubbish dump there and river pollution that poisoned over 50 cows last year.

“There is an illegal rubbish dump near Sri Sentosa in Jeram. It has grown to be more than 10 acres and it is situated next to Sungai Buloh. When it rains some of the rubbish including construction waste material would flow into the river.

“I was very disappointed when I asked the local council to come and see the location but only clerks showed up. The council members should take action. Instead, when I caught one of the lorry drivers and took him to the local council, there was only one summons issued against him.

“There is more than 10 acres worth of rubbish and only one summons was issued. And it wasn’t issued against the landowner but the truck driver. I ask the relevant exco to come and take a look because the local councillors ignore me,” said Mohd Shaid.

He said the landowner has set up a “toll booth” in front of his property and any rubbish trucks driving into the area to dump garbage must pay an entry fee.

However, Mohd Shaid praised Jeram’s district office and district land office that he said investigated the matter after public complaints.

He said the district office issued a Notice 7A confirming that the land on which the dump was sited was residential land and may not be used as a landfill.

It also issued the landowner with a Notice 7B directing him to show cause, failing which the property would be seized after 100 days.

Mohd Shaid also complained the Chemistry Department has not submitted its necropsy report for the over 50 cattle deaths believed to be from consuming polluted water at the river last October.

“It’s been six months since we submitted the report. The Veterinary Department said the cattle died because it drank poisonous river water but we must still wait for the lab report from the Chemistry Department.

“It seems that the Chemistry Department is not prioritising this issue because only animals and not people are involved. The local authorities can’t take any action until they receive the lab report. This issue may look petty until something as bad as Sungai Kim Kim happens,” said Mohd Shaidi.

The cattle were raised by seven local farmers who are also waiting for compensation for their lost livestock.

*Malay Mail incorrectly reported that Jeram assemblyman Mohd Shaid Rosli is a PKR lawmaker. He is from Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia.

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