Former journo lodges own police report regarding Facebook posting

KUCHING, Feb 4 — Former Sarawak-based journalist Joseph Tawie has lodged his own police report in response to the one made a Sarawak assistant minister regarding his critical Facebook post.

In a Facebook posting on Jan 28, Tawie had claimed that the assistant minister was abusing his powers as a representative of the people.

Tawie, 73, was arrested on Saturday after a police report was lodged against him by the assistant minister, following the former news reporter writing about him on Facebook.

The police report was lodged by the assistant minister on the same day and Tawie was arrested by police at his farm at Simunjan before being taken to Kuching for taking a statement.

Tawie,  who is also a former police officer,  lodged the report against the assistant minister at the Kuching Police District Headquarters (IPD) One-Stop Centre here today.

“Today, I lodged a report against him (assistant minister) to say that my story was based on information given to me by tuai rumah (longhouse chiefs) in Semunjan.

“I made this report in response to the report made against me,  and my lawyer will explain it later," he told reporter after lodging the report. — Bernama

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