Penang Bridge crash: Police find SUV driver’s ID card, body sent for autopsy (VIDEO)

The Mazda CX5 SUV that plunged into the sea from the Penang Bridge on January 20, 2019, is recovered on January 22, 2019. — Picture by KE Ooi
The Mazda CX5 SUV that plunged into the sea from the Penang Bridge on January 20, 2019, is recovered on January 22, 2019. — Picture by KE Ooi

GEORGE TOWN, Jan 22 — Penang police chief Datuk T. Narenasagaran today said that the police had found the identification card of the Mazda sports utility vehicle (SUV) driver who crashed through the barriers of the Penang Bridge two days ago.

The body of the driver in the SUV that plunged into the sea was found intact after the vehicle was finally hoisted at 6pm today.

Police also found the victim’s wallet with his identity card inside his pants.

“We are certain that this is the victim who was reported missing, Moey Yun Peng.

“The vehicle looked badly damaged because it hit the curb before falling into the sea but the body was still intact because he was wearing a seat belt,” he told reporters who had earlier witnessed the operations to hoist the vehicle.

It was earlier speculated that the driver of the SUV was 20-year-old Moey who was returning home after attending a party in George Town.

He added that the airbags of the vehicle were deployed from the impact of the crash.

He added that a post-mortem will be conducted, which will allow the police to reveal more details as to Moey’s cause of death.

He said the search and rescue (SAR) operations for the SUV involved various agencies totalling 29 officers, 127 personnel and 40 divers.

Narenasagaran said the third day of the SAR operations involved 14 boats.

The SUV crashed past the guard rail of the bridge at KM4 and plunged into the sea after another vehicle had rammed into at high-speed at 2.45am on Sunday.

The vehicle was found submerged in the sea about 15m from the site where it had plunged into the water.

It was found at 4pm yesterday but efforts to hoist it were hampered by strong currents and poor visibility for the divers to attach the crane’s cables to the car.

It was successfully brought up today as Moey’s friends and relatives watched from the bridge.

The group shouted as the car was slowly lifted up to the bridge.

“Come up! Time to go home!” they shouted in Chinese.

The group immediately left the site after the body was removed from the wreckage and sent to the Seberang Jaya Hospital mortuary.

The entire operation to hoist the car started early this morning but was delayed due to strong currents.

Divers started work to attach the cables at about 4pm and after at least one failed attempt, the vehicle was successfully lifted.

Two of the three lanes on Penang Bridge was closed between 4pm to about 7pm to make way for the operations, causing a massive gridlock on the bridge and the roads leading to it.

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