Seeking knowledge in STEM obligatory for Muslims, professor says

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 2 ― The Muslim community should be encouraged to seek knowledge in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) which is obligatory in developing the country, said Malaysian Institute of Islamic Understanding (IKIM) director-general Prof Datuk Dr Azizan Baharuddin.

Dr Azizan said all aspects of human life were closely related to STEM but it was found that little importance had been given to these subjects in traditional Islamic religious education in the country.

“Science education is now being isolated when the development of modern science had been triggered from fundamental principles of understanding the hadith and the Quran,” she said after delivering her speech at the Muzakarah Pakar seminar themed “Strengthening of STEM Education : Cultural and Value -based Approach” organised by IKIM and National STEM Movers at the institute, today.

She cited several well-known Islamic scientists such as Ibn  Sina who mastered various sciences including producing influential medical books in Europe and Ibn al-Haitham a physicist who contributed greatly in the field of optics and lens production.

“The Muslim community way of life is closely related to science, for example the timing of performing the obligatory prayers, fasting and pilgrimage are all based on astronomy,” she added. ― Bernama

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