Malaysia Airlines releases ‘heart-warming’ CNY video without Chinese (VIDEO)

A screenshot of the Malaysia Airlines’ Chinese New Year video.
A screenshot of the Malaysia Airlines’ Chinese New Year video.

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KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 26 — Malaysia Airlines’ Chinese New Year video was the talk of the town for not featuring any ethnic Chinese, showing other Malaysians instead speaking in various Chinese dialects.

The 1.41-minute video showed mostly Malays and Indians wishing Malaysians Happy Chinese New Year in Mandarin, Cantonese and Hokkien fluently.

The video titled “A truly Malaysian greeting”, released ahead of Chinese New Year this weekend, encouraged Malaysians to get together and to return home, besides depicting thoughts of the non-Chinese about the festive season.

The video started with a man by the name of Ashwin, who said that Chinese New Year was a unique celebration celebrated by all.

It then cut to a Malay woman, who expressed hopes for everyone to be able to travel more often during this festive season.

Halfway through the video, it showed another Indian man speaking excitedly about songs and clothing associated to Chinese New Year at a place believed to be Petaling Street in Chinatown.

Another Malay woman was then seen saying how she loved Malaysians getting together during this festive season.

The video ended with a Malaysia Airlines crew wishing those returning home a pleasant journey.

Netizens praised the national carrier for coming up with the brilliant concept.

“This video is the epitome of beauty in simplicity! love the heart-warming wishes delivered by a inspiring potpourri of Malaysians with their multilingual prowess. A very Happy Chinese New Year to all involved in this ad [advertisement], and thank you Malaysia Airlines!” Facebook user Michelle Tam posted.

Another Facebook user, Kelvin Coolboy, said: “Great video and CNY Greetings! Be proud to be a Malaysian and share the tradition together no matter what races and background u came from!”.

“Great ad! Kudos to Malaysian Airlines. This is how it should be for a progressive and united

country,” posted Florence Oh, another user.

The video was released late last night on Malaysia Airlines’ Facebook page and YouTube channel.

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