PETALING JAYA, Jan 15 — Travellers left in the lurch after the suspension of Rayani Air almost a year ago are wondering what has happened to promises of a swift refund.

Some of the airline’s employees have also been left to fend for themselves financially. About 300 passengers remain on the refund “wait list”.

Student Fifi Athirah Rodi, 21, and 23 family members had planned a four-day trip to Sabah last May, but the airline was suspended in April.

“We filed for a reimbursement in July. We were told the money would be refunded within 60-90 days,” she said.

“It is already 2017 and there is no word from the airline.”

Fifi Athirah said the trip was supposed to be the first flight experience for her nephews, nieces and a 70-year-old uncle.

“The tickets cost us nearly RM5,000. It is a lot of money. We sent numerous emails inquiring about the refund, but got no response.”

Engineer Mary Ahin, 42, who had also filed for a refund last year, said she did not know where to turn to as the company had ceased operations and there was no credible platform to reach out to them.

“What now? We filled in the forms eight months ago, as requested. But where is our money? The RM700 could be put into better use like paying for my children’s school fees,” she said.

Mary said the experience taught her to only travel with airlines which are credible and trustworthy.

“We were supposed to go to Kuching for my father’s memorial service and we saw this good deal on the Rayani Air website,” she said.

“We were lucky Malindo Air offered discounted fares for those affected by the Rayani Air fiasco.”

Muhammad Faizal, 40, who planned to visit his in-laws in Sabah last February, said he had been waiting for a reimbursement for almost a year.

He said attempts to contact the airline throughout last year was unsuccessful.

“The last email I received from Rayani Air was on March 3, informing me they ‘have forwarded the issue to the concerned department for their attention’,” he said.

“I have sent emails and called their office numerous times. I just want my RM430 back.”

The Rayani Air Facebook page (@OfficialRayaniAir) is flooded with comments by frustrated consumers.

Malay Mail visited the airline’s headquarters in Shah Alam on Friday, and found the office locked and signboards removed from the building.

Efforts to reach the airline bigwig Ravi Alegandrran and his wife Datuk Karthiyani Govindan proved futile.