Jais, JHEAINS probing pork burger chain Ninja Joe, says report

A Facebook screenshot of the Ninja Joe’s ‘P. Ramly’ pork burger.
A Facebook screenshot of the Ninja Joe’s ‘P. Ramly’ pork burger.

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KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 27 ― The Selangor Islamic Affairs Department (Jais) and its Negri Sembilan counterpart have reportedly run their own investigations against Ninja Joe and confiscated several items in their outlets, although the pork burger chain is owned by non-Muslims.

Berita Harian quoting a source from Jais said the agency had already handed over its investigation papers to the Domestic Trade, Co-operative and Consumer Affairs Ministry (KPDNKK) hoping for prosecution.

“The investigation papers has been finalised and will be handed over to KPDNKK for the purpose of prosecuting.

“Jais together with officials from KPDNKK had conducted inspections on the premise in Kota Damansara and we confiscated a bunting, menu and a receipt of the sales of P. Ramly burger for investigation,” the source was quoted as saying.

The Jais source said the investigation papers will be handed over to KPDNKK in line with the Trade Descriptions Act 2011, with the investigation involving the use of words that may confuse or mislead Muslims into buying non-halal products.

According to Berita Harian, which did not specify the provision under the Act, those convicted of the offence can be fined a maximum RM5 million for the first offence, and RM10 million for the subsequent offences.

At the same time the Negri Sembilan Islamic Affairs Department (JHEAINS) deputy director of halal management division, Zuraini Yahaya, was reported saying that her agency is expected to submit its investigation papers to the Federal Islamic Advancement Department (Jakim) for further action.

JHEAINS had already investigated Ninja Joe's Seremban store recently, it reported.

“We have inspected the premise but we cannot reveal our findings as it could jeopardise investigation.

“The investigation findings will be handed over to Jakim which is coordinating investigation involving a few premises of that restaurant chain in other states,” she said.

Meanwhile Berita Harian reported that the Veteran Artistes Association wanted the police to take action against Ninja Joe for what it deemed to be provacation against the Muslim community by using a name that mirrors Malay icon Tan Sri P. Ramlee for its pork burger.

Its president Datuk Soni Abdullah and five other artistes were said to have lodged a police report against the company yesterday.

“In fact the statement of the propierator is an insult and confusing by using the acronym P for pork so when it's put together with Ramly, it spells pork Ramly,” Soni told Berita Harian.

The group said it wants Ninja Joe to make an open apology to the Muslim community for desecrating P. Ramlee's name and image.

Ninja Joe had previously explained that its P. Ramly burger was a tribute to the locally popular Ramly burgers, with any similarity with P. Ramlee’s name a mere coincidence. It has also planned to change the burger’s name.

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