20 NGO's lodge police report over ‘disrespectful’ Namewee video

GEORGE TOWN, July 30 ― Representatives from 20 local Non-Government Organisations (NGO) had lodged a total of 10 reports at Jalan Patani police station here today regarding the allegedly disrespectful music video produced by Namewee titled Oh My God.

The NGO coalition representative, Azdy Mohd Arshad said that the four-minute music video had shown great disrespect towards Islam.

“We had lodged the report based on five characters that were used in the music video which had mentioned the word Allah to expel evil spirits from the surrounding, had uttered the word Allah before drinking, the Azan had been insulted repeatedly, it showed that Muslims were terrorist and Muslims wearing religious attire were gambling,” he said during a press conference outside the police station.

Azdy stressed that the actions of the singers in the music video were immoral and had caused anger among Muslims in the country.

The video was allegedly shot at Tanjung Bungah mosque and several other places of worship of other religion.

After lodging the police report for some 40 minutes, the group had torn apart Namewee’s image and had stepped on top of it as a sign of anger.

Yesterday, State Police Chief Datuk Abdul Ghafar Rajab had warned the group not to do anything against the law such as burning the images of Namewee.

Abdul Ghafar said that the police had also initiated investigation regarding

the music video under Section 295 of the Penal Code. ― Bernama