Screams cause shooter to ditch murder attempt in Shah Alam

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SHAH ALAM, Aug 12 — A gunman wearing a full-faced helmet during a drive-by shooting in Shah Alam, fled after his target and friends screamed for their lives after a shot was fired.

The suspect, who is believed to be affiliated to an underworld gang, stopped shooting as the victims’ loud screams caused him to panic during the 11.30pm incident on Monday.

Shah Alam police chief, ACP Shafien Mamat said the incident unfolded when a 26-year-old man and two of his friends were walking to their car after dinner at Restoran Ibu Emas in Section 36, Desa Latania, Shah Alam.

He said the suspect, who is believed to have been monitoring the target’s movement, shot at him just as he got into the driver’s seat of a Toyota Hilux.

“The two other men and the victim yelled after the shot was fired which caused the suspect to flee,” said Shafien.

Initial investigations revealed the motive was over a drug deal turned sour between the target and his assailant. 

Background checks on the target and his friends showed they had criminal records involving serious crimes and drugs.

“We have established the victim and the suspect were from different gangs. The victim and his friends are members of the notorious Gang 24.

“The victim sustained a gunshot wound on his left arm and his friends rushed him to Hospital Tunku Ampuan Rahimah for treatment,” said Shafien.

He said police recovered one silver 9mm bullet casing from the crime scene.

Checks revealed there were no closed-circuit televisions installed in the area.

Shafien said the victim’s friends, both aged 25, were arrested after their statements were recorded.

“We have remanded them until Saturday as we believe they can help us in tracking down the shooter,” he said.

The case is being investigated for attempted murder.

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