MACC, Esscom to launch operation to combat integrity breaches among Sabah civil servants

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PITAS, June 30 — The Eastern Sabah Security Command (Esscom) in collaboration with the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) will soon launch a large-scale operation to combat breaches in integrity among civil servants, especially those working in the enforcement division of the Eastern Sabah Security Zone (Esszone).

Esscom Intelligence deputy director ACP Hashim Justin said it took a serious view of the problem and was determined to clean up the civil machinery of the enforcement division in Esszone.

“Esscom now faces two security threats, one from outside and the other from within.

“The threat within is not only from the illegal immigrants, who become armed intruders and cross-border criminals, but also the ‘enemy in the blanket’ comprising civil servants (enforcement) involved in corruption and misconduct facilitating the entry of illegal immigrants and smuggling activities in the Esszone,” he said.

He said this when delivering a talk on security at the iftar organised by Esscom at Masjid Pangiran Haji Abdul Karim, Kampung Kalumpang, near here last night.

Hashim said the matter had been brought up and discussed at the highest level and Esscom together with MACC had agreed to launch the operation.

“As we know, based on past cases, many illegal immigrants who sneak into our country through the Esszone subsequently obtained MyKads, assisted by our own civil servants who accept bribes or ‘coffee money’.

“It’s the same with smuggling activities. These activities have continued until now because there are civil servants or enforcement authorities who don’t have integrity. Remember that from today, Esscom together with MACC will hunt them down,” he said.

Hashim alleged the smuggling of petrol or diesel to the southern Philippines by cross-border criminal groups from that country was actually aided by corrupt officials here to enter and commit the crime in Esszone.

Accordingly, he advised them to stop doing this immediately because it could threaten and harm national security.

Hashim also called on the public to report to the authorities, if they had strong evidence that civil servants in Esszone were involved in corruption and misconduct. — Bernama

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