In alleged bid to smear PKR, Facebook post claims of ‘Christian exercise’ in schools

Screenshot shows a Facebook page of one ‘Asrul Samad’ who claimed to be the spokesman of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.
Screenshot shows a Facebook page of one ‘Asrul Samad’ who claimed to be the spokesman of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

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KUALA LUMPUR, June 21 — PKR denied today any link to a photograph on Facebook showing a group of youths allegedly performing a “Christian exercise” that was posted by an individual claiming to be the social media spokesman of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

The post by “Asrul Samad” that was uploaded yesterday has been gaining traction on social media, prompting the party to deny its alleged association with the man in a statement this afternoon.

“Upon contacting the chief of staff in Anwar’s office, I was made to understand that there is no such staff member with that name.

“Therefore, based on the information at hand, statements made on the Facebook page of this ‘Asrul Samad’ do not represent the voice of the party or Anwar’s office,” PKR’s communications director Fahmi Fadzil said in the statement.

Asrul’s post shows a picture of a group of young children, some wearing the Muslim “songkok”, spreading their arms out in the shape of a cross. They are seen to be following the moves of two adults, one a man and the other, a woman in a baju kurung.

Accompanying the photograph is a message by Asrul claiming that this was proof that the Malaysian education system has been “Christianised.

“BERITA GEMPAR !!!!!!!!!Amalan Kristian sudah memasuki dalam sekolah-sekolah di Malaysia..!!!

“Subhanaallah...ini ada beberapa keping gambar yang dikirim oleh sahabat menunjukkan ada sekolah yang mengamalkan ciri-ciri Kristian....Mereka melakukan senaman atau tarian berbentuk salib Kristian setiap pagi dan harap juga pihak berkuasa atau PPD tempatan menyiasat perkara ini....Diharap sahabat kita dalam Pakatan iaitu PKR dan DAP (PAS bukan sahabat kami lagi) sila sebar berita ini untuk pengetahuan kepada umat Islam Malaysia bahawa sistem pendidikan kita sudah diKristian....Lawan Tetap Lawan...REFORMASI !!!!‪#‎BebaskanAnwar ‪#‎WanAzizahBakalPM ‪#‎SayaBekasHakimNegara,” he wrote.

[Translation: Breaking news! Christian practices have infiltrated Malaysian schools! These photographs that were sent to me by a friend shows that there are schools that adopt Christian practices.

They are performing an exercise or a dance in the shape of the Christian crucifix every morning and I hope that the authorities or the local education department will investigate this.

It is hoped that our friends in Pakatan Rakyat namely PKR and DAP (PAS is no longer a friend) will spread this news to inform our fellow Muslims that our education system has been Christianised]

The post also includes the several hashtags often used by PKR members and supporters during PR-backed events.

It has since been shared 4,713 times and liked more than 2,700 times.

Asked to comment on the matter, PKR secretary-general Rafizi Ramli said his party has known about Asrul’s posts for some time but refrained from commenting on them so as not to “elevate his status”.

“But now he threads religious sensitivity, PKR will deny officially,” he told Malay Mail Online via WhatsApp.

“His (Asrul’s) method is reverse psychology to show how stupid PKR is,” he added.

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