Distraught mom relives 10 minutes that cost toddler’s life

The 10th floor balcony from which Muhammad Shahrul fell. — Picture by The Malay Mail
The 10th floor balcony from which Muhammad Shahrul fell. — Picture by The Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 7 — The mother of four-year-old Muhamad Shahrul Harry Abdul Halim, who fell to his death from the 10th floor of the Taman Perindustrian flat in Lembah Jaya on Friday “did not expect him to be playing at the balcony”.

The 37-year-old mother of five, who only wished to be identified as Hartini, added: “He was sleeping when I left him. He usually woke up late, so I didn’t expect him to be up and playing on the balcony,” said the housewife.

“I decided to send his brother to school because I hadn’t made any arrangements with the school bus operator. I would usually be at home to look after him.”

Hartini returned to discover her son lying at the parking lot. He was rushed to the Ampang Hospital but died the next day.

“The school was only 10 minutes away. I thought I could make it back in time. I am still trying to cope with the loss.

“My other children are still unable to accept the loss of their brother. My eight-year-old son keeps asking why his brother had to go so soon.”

Meanwhile, family friend Azura Zairazi said the grieving mother suffered a similar loss last year after her youngest child choked to death while being breastfed.

“We hope the family will soon get over this ill-fated incident,” said Azura, 29.

Ismiatin Sutopo, 39, who witnessed the incident, said she was working at a laundry shop located on the ground floor when she heard a loud thud.

“I rushed outside and saw the boy on a car before he dropped onto the ground. I checked on him but he wasn’t moving,” said Ismi.

“I’m extremely saddened by the tragedy. I have a child of my own and this is something no mother should go through.”

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