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2021/07/31 So what do you do when you meet an online scammer? Penang artist Queen Lee turned it into art
2021/07/31 Can quitting smoking have immediate benefits?
2021/07/30 Malaysian man apologises to PJ event space owners, returns plants he thought he ‘rescued’
2021/07/30 Polish influencer sells her ‘digital love’ as NFT online for RM1.058m
2021/07/30 Singaporean cyclist praised for ‘escorting’ pangolin across roads to safety (VIDEO)
2021/07/30 ‘Eyes are narrow’: Greek commentator sacked for asking how S. Korean Olympic athletes can see the ball (VIDEO)
2021/07/30 Johor man offering free SPM online tuition with friends for anyone in need, inspired by late friend’s kindness
2021/07/30 When hotel rooms become art galleries
2021/07/30 Study: To live longer, eat foods rich in omega-3 (but you have to also quit smoking)
2021/07/29 Big but affordable: PRISM+ unveils two large 4K Android 10.0 TVs to elevate your viewing experience
2021/07/29 ‘No more sweets’: Google to ban sugar dating apps from Play Store starting Sept 1
2021/07/29 Australia opens first domestic violence shelter for men in Queensland
2021/07/29 Do you have a burning question for Malaysia’s first lady of theatre? Ask Faridah Merican anything online this Saturday
2021/07/29 British single father can’t find love despite being Oscar winner Brad Pitt lookalike
2021/07/29 Despite making a loss, this KL baker sells birthday cakes at RM5.30 to needy families, gives free cakes amid Covid-19
2021/07/29 From grey to green: World cities uprooting the urban jungle
2021/07/29 WHO sounds alarm on ‘harmful’ e-cigarettes
2021/07/29 Could serious forms of Covid-19 be detected at diagnosis?
2021/07/29 Kazuo Ishiguro among 13 contenders for 2021 Booker Prize
2021/07/29 Solastalgia and doomism: New climate lingo boggles the mind
2021/07/29 Gucci and Rolex are still just as popular when it comes to counterfeits
2021/07/29 Taking the needles and syringes out of Covid-19 vaccination
2021/07/29 Time to ditch the diet? How intuitive eating could make for a healthier relationship with food
2021/07/29 Take time out in a Finnish kota
2021/07/28 Welsh slate landscape becomes Unesco world heritage site
2021/07/28 Biles’ Tokyo struggles could inspire wider change around mental health
2021/07/28 Earth’s ‘vital signs’ worsening as humanity’s impact deepens
2021/07/28 Universal access to high-speed internet will make home-based work more productive, says study
2021/07/28 Citrus crush: The lamp 3D printed from orange peel (VIDEO)
2021/07/28 ‘It was edited’: Tony Fernandes defends AirAsia from sexism allegations after F-bomb incident with Thai CEO
2021/07/28 Beds at Tokyo Olympic Village built to hold 200kg, can take nine athletes’ weight
2021/07/28 Malian woman who delivered nine babies says uses 100 diapers, six litres of milk daily
2021/07/28 Singaporean anti-vaxxers cry ‘discrimination’ after Gong Cha offers discount to vaccinated customers
2021/07/28 No final goodbye: Sadness at KL cemetery as Covid-19 patients buried without loved ones present (VIDEO)
2021/07/28 US retail giant Walmart to pay its employees’ college tuition fees and books
2021/07/28 Man in China almost dies after inserting live eel into his rectum to cure constipation
2021/07/28 Clip of two giant monitor lizards ‘hugging’ outside Covid-19 assessment centre amuses Malaysian internet users (VIDEO)
2021/07/28 Fruit vs root: Apple or ginger, which is the biggest aphrodisiac?
2021/07/27 Unesco names Romanian ancient gold mine settlement a world heritage site
2021/07/27 French city of Nice wins Unesco world heritage status
2021/07/27 Pom-pom girls: Japan seniors find joy in cheerleading
2021/07/27 When nature calls in Tokyo, head for this mushroom-like public washroom
2021/07/27 Canadian man grieving fiancée’s death uses AI application to ‘chat’ with her
2021/07/27 Norwegian’s Olympic winning moment marred by athlete’s see-through outfit
2021/07/27 Covid-19: Angry villagers chase down Indonesian man who escaped quarantine to deliberately infect others (VIDEO)
2021/07/27 Sydney police horse showered with chocolates, other treats after being hit by anti-lockdown protester
2021/07/27 AirAsia boss Tony Fernandes apologises after Thai CEO hurls F-bomb at female colleague in online meeting
2021/07/27 British mother risks going to court for wanting to trim a walnut tree to protect her daughter who’s allergic to it
2021/07/27 Europe's art fairs look ahead to a busy autumn season
2021/07/27 Fruit face-off: Health benefits of strawberries and raspberries