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2021/05/12 MIT professor receives online praise for mobile crib in office for student’s baby
2021/05/12 Brazilian woman taunted over her larger than normal nose due to surgeries to correct birth defect
2021/05/12 Malaysian entrepreneur humbled after Dr Mahathir puts in second order for mum’s pineapple tarts (VIDEO)
2021/05/12 Zimbabwe senior citizen marries 16 wives to help increase the country's population
2021/05/12 Italian woman accidentally receives six shots of Covid-19 vaccine, leaves hospital in stable condition
2021/05/12 Cosmetics tycoon Vida goes on shopping spree at Hari Raya bazaar to help small traders during MCO 3.0 (VIDEO)
2021/05/12 Cat in Indonesia goes viral for ‘crying’, mourning death of owner
2021/05/12 Hari Raya or not, these Malaysian volunteer firefighters are on standby to help in emergencies
2021/05/12 Organiser of Miss Hong Kong 2021 will not make it mandatory for contestants to be vaccinated for Covid-19
2021/05/12 US McDonald’s rolls out new coffee cups to encourage Covid-19 vaccine uptake
2021/05/12 A natural (and free) beauty trick spotted on TikTok is putting concealer to shame (VIDEO)
2021/05/12 Nearly a fifth of Earth’s surface transformed since 1960
2021/05/12 Singer Billie Eilish gives intimate account of her life in new book
2021/05/12 You can now send your Barbies back to the manufacturer for recycling
2021/05/11 Bengal ‘pet’ tiger terrifies Texas residents after escaping from owner’s home (VIDEO)
2021/05/11 Seremban’s ‘Kedai Muhibah Raya’ brings joy to single mother and her children with free Hari Raya clothes
2021/05/11 Malaysian publisher Buku Fixi offers free books to those with Covid-19 vaccination card in Klang Valley
2021/05/11 Students in KL under Covid-19 quarantine moved by kind neighbours who offer to get them food and groceries
2021/05/11 Food bloggers now banned from livestreaming binge eating in China, fines for those who waste food
2021/05/11 HK man arrested for using a water pistol in attempt to rob finance company, accomplice hunted by police
2021/05/11 Subway security guard in China fired for sharing X-ray photos of girl’s sex toys
2021/05/11 Preacher Ebit Lew gets new home for homeless woman who spent 14 years sleeping under a tree
2021/05/11 Feeling young can lead to better health, says German study
2021/05/11 Post-pandemic, liposuction and tummy tucks could be the hottest plastic surgery procedures
2021/05/10 In China’s ‘Red Holy Land’, tourists mark Communist Party centenary
2021/05/10 Preacher Ebit Lew donates food to Zoo Negara animals again in light of MCO 3.0
2021/05/10 Tourist in China receiving counselling after scare of glass-bottomed bridge giving way while he was on it
2021/05/10 Cosmetics tycoon Aliff Syukri shocked after his Hari Raya song tops YouTube Malaysia despite fierce competition (VIDEO)
2021/05/10 Malaysian entrepreneur brings Hari Raya bazaar experience online to boost local micro-brands
2021/05/10 Hari Raya or not, Muslim feeders in Ipoh to continue feeding strays during festive season
2021/05/10 What a buzz: Saving Malaysia’s bees, one nest at a time
2021/05/10 There’s an equation for genius and IQ isn’t part of it
2021/05/10 David Attenborough named COP26 People’s Advocate ahead of key climate summit
2021/05/10 Nepali climber claims record 25th Everest ascent
2021/05/09 ‘Earth’s power’: Iceland volcano’s lava geysers thrill visitors
2021/05/09 ‘Dracula’s castle’ offers tourists Covid-19 shots
2021/05/09 Long-overlooked Black artists dominate New York spring sales
2021/05/09 Michael Jordan college jersey fetches US$1.38m at auction
2021/05/09 Love letters and the tortured inheritance of the Little Prince
2021/05/09 Border divides, and unites, Swedish twins separated by Covid
2021/05/08 Study: Ibuprofen does not worsen Covid symptoms
2021/05/08 Rare Kashmir sapphire glitters in Geneva auction
2021/05/07 Couple in India follows social distancing rules by using bamboo sticks to exchange wedding garlands (VIDEO)
2021/05/07 From challenging the norm to celebrating in the new normal, this year’s Hari Raya ads are here to entertain (VIDEO)
2021/05/07 This M’sian mum became a taxi driver 20 years ago for her family. Now, she drives for the love of it
2021/05/07 Man in China arrested for selling toddler son to childless couple to pay for holiday expenses with new wife
2021/05/07 TikTok-famous breastfeeding guru calls out ‘dirty-minded’ men for lewd comments on her content
2021/05/07 New York family sets up GoFundMe to pay for SpongeBob popsicles ordered by four-year-old autistic son via Amazon
2021/05/07 Hollywood's hottest stylist: Who is Law Roach?
2021/05/07 Why you can never just eat one potato chip (and why that's an issue)