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2020/10/24 Galapagos sees record rise in penguins, flightless cormorants
2020/10/24 Syrians spruce up famed Crusader castle after years of war
2020/10/24 Masks could cut Covid-19 deaths in the US by 130,000, study shows
2020/10/24 This footage of the first men on the moon looks like it was filmed with a smartphone (VIDEO)
2020/10/24 Spared by Covid-19, Seychelles suffers dearth of tourists
2020/10/23 Half-measures won’t save nature, scientists warn
2020/10/23 Old is gold: Like humans, ageing chimps prioritise important friendships
2020/10/23 Eiffel Tower sees dizzying drop in visitor numbers
2020/10/23 Covid-19: Malaysian NGO founder awarded the Silk Road Youth Outstanding Contribution Award for fight against pandemic
2020/10/23 Covid-19: After losing job due to MCO, Malaysian man starts career coaching classes to help graduates get jobs
2020/10/23 Twitter to the rescue: Selangor man sees brisk sale of curry noodles during CMCO thanks to social media
2020/10/23 Dr Noor Hisham appears in BoBoiBoy PSA to raise awareness on Covid-19 SOPs (VIDEO)
2020/10/23 Malaysian brand Pestle & Mortar’s Looney Tunes collection brings back much-needed childhood nostalgia amid Covid-19 crisis
2020/10/23 Covid-19: Asian-American teen wins RM104,000 for finding potential treatment (VIDEO)
2020/10/23 Take a break: How to have a breather like a local from Sweden to Japan
2020/10/23 Gum boots? When the world’s second most common form of litter becomes a pair of sneakers
2020/10/23 Placebo group: What happens after a Covid vaccine is authorised?
2020/10/23 Blood of recovered Covid-19 patients shows little benefit as treatment
2020/10/23 David Hockney work sold by Royal Opera House fetches £12.9m
2020/10/22 PlusVibes: Malaysia’s first all-in-one mental health and well-being application to launch soon
2020/10/22 Vaccine trials 'can't detect' virus risk reduction, says expert
2020/10/22 Banksy take on Monet masterpiece sells for £7.6m
2020/10/22 Territorial peacock attacks car in Singapore — after seeing own reflection (VIDEO)
2020/10/22 Volunteers Unite providing aid to the needy via community food box project
2020/10/22 Air pollution killed 500,000 newborns in 2019, global study shows
2020/10/22 Fastest food: The Thai street cooks who get to protests first
2020/10/22 Sobering figures offer a snapshot of sexual violence on college campuses worldwide
2020/10/22 How comic artist Erica Eng, Malaysia’s first Eisner Award winner, is honing her craft
2020/10/22 Air pollution costs Europe cities €160b a year, analysis shows
2020/10/21 Spanish grandma, 99, gets back to computer games after beating Covid-19
2020/10/21 Ipoh septuagenarian diligently opens shop daily for 50 years selling vinyl records, cassettes and knick-knacks
2020/10/21 Former Methodist Boys School students install hand sanitiser dispensers at school, help out underprivileged during Covid-19 pandemic
2020/10/21 Sabahan youth achieves viral fame with casual cover of Blackpink’s ‘Lovesick Girls’ (VIDEO)
2020/10/21 Bukit Bintang’s luxury mall The Starhill to reopen in 2021 with exclusive flagship stores
2020/10/21 Covid-19: Kajang woman sells nasi lemak ‘kena benti keje’, goes viral with catchy name (VIDEO)
2020/10/21 Nasa's DuAxel is a two-in-one rover built for extreme terrain
2020/10/21 Harry and Meghan decry 'crisis of hate' in social media
2020/10/21 Web users look to a world of nutrients in the face of Covid-19
2020/10/20 Nando’s Malaysia launches food donation programme to help those in need while tackling excess food issues
2020/10/20 Uncle Kentang and Ras Adiba Radzi work together to give food to underprivileged communities
2020/10/20 The New Yorker senior staff writer Jeffrey Toobin apologises for masturbating during Zoom work call
2020/10/20 Cuteness overload: Three Malayan tiger cubs finally available for viewing at Taiping Zoo and Night Safari (VIDEO)
2020/10/20 Celebrity preacher Ustaz Ebit Lew delivers water to Batu Caves residents hit by shortage
2020/10/20 Mercy Malaysia launches mental health hotline for Sabahans as state turns into Covid-19 hotbed
2020/10/20 Why LGBTQ+ campus resource centres are essential: A rallying cry from scholars
2020/10/19 Bottle-fed babies ingest ‘millions’ of microplastics, says study
2020/10/19 Safety first: Malaysian company unveils aesthetic mobile app to connect certified doctors to beauty seekers
2020/10/19 Creative teacher in rural Sarawak uses 200 plastic bags to make ‘swimming pool’ for students (VIDEO)
2020/10/19 After testing positive for Covid-19, Malaysian fitness coach shares his experiences to spread awareness (VIDEO)
2020/10/19 In Sabah, donations needed to maintain programme that helps poor patients get to hospital for check-ups