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2020/09/25 A father’s love: Doting dad saves trashed teddy in Putrajaya
2020/09/25 In Finland airport, sniffer dogs are being used to detect Covid-19 in trial study
2020/09/25 Malaysian animal rights NGOs on the hunt for man who sprayed caged monkey with red paint
2020/09/25 All felines are purr-fect: Flaunt your furry companion at the Malaysia 3K Feline Fun Cat Show in October
2020/09/25 Kind Malaysian woman holds file to protect senior citizen from hot weather while waiting outside bank
2020/09/25 Why product patenting is key to Ikea’s success in Malaysia and the world
2020/09/25 Virtual catwalks for Armani and Prada during fashion week
2020/09/25 Can artificial intelligence encourage good behaviour among internet users?
2020/09/25 Mushrooms make better packaging than recycled cardboard, research shows
2020/09/24 Snap election: Can social media influence results? Malaysian expert weighs in using GE14 data
2020/09/24 Bro, don’t like that la, bro cartoonist Ernest Ng releases comic book on nation’s fight against Covid-19
2020/09/24 Local start-up BlueDuck launches Zero Deposit Room Rental Insurance to solve landlord and tenant woes
2020/09/24 ‘Rock kapak’ to take centrestage at PORT Ipoh’s Ipoh Music Symposium in October
2020/09/24 Dr Noor Hisham congratulates Malaysian healthcare after country wins coveted Health and Medical Tourism award
2020/09/24 Japanese artist creates ramen face mask to complement fogged glasses
2020/09/24 ‘Hardcore grandma’ — ageing fitness buff proves hit in China
2020/09/24 Trump attacks Meghan Markle, wishes Harry ‘good luck’
2020/09/24 Study: Antarctica to lift seas by metres per degree of warming
2020/09/24 Hillary Clinton is about to unleash her long-awaited new podcast
2020/09/24 Indonesia developing food-bank estates ‘10 times size of Singapore’
2020/09/24 The name’s Bond, seriously: 007’s namesake found in Polish Cold War archives
2020/09/24 Reptile dubbed ‘Jaws of Death’ terrorised Cretaceous seas
2020/09/24 New York’s Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration to go virtual
2020/09/23 Covid-19: Thai Airways offers RM382 course for grounded travellers to become flight attendants for a day
2020/09/23 After two years of walking to sell keropok, now Kedah man owns a keropok stall
2020/09/23 Australia says majority of 470-strong beached whale pod has died
2020/09/23 Even with windows down: Health Ministry on dangers of sleeping in car amid public uncertainty
2020/09/23 Bangladesh's traditional weavers hanging by a thread as factories boom
2020/09/23 China eyes climate leadership with 2060 carbon neutral goal
2020/09/23 Freedom, dignity in French Alzheimer's 'village'
2020/09/23 Rescuers find another 200 stranded whales in Australia
2020/09/23 Earthing: Will walking barefoot make you feel better?
2020/09/23 What does carbon neutral mean?
2020/09/23 Dress codes and museums: Is sexism at play?
2020/09/23 And the most creative city worldwide is... Paris
2020/09/22 Making the right choice: Is it wise for Malaysians to opt for a mobile phone bundle plan?
2020/09/22 PJ’s Deaf In Business restaurant provides jobs, better life to people with disabilities
2020/09/22 Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council launches ‘A Hundred Unsung Heroes’ campaign to pay tribute to Covid-19 frontliners
2020/09/22 Malaysian cat Nana visits former owner’s grave every morning for two years now
2020/09/22 Meet 3D artist from Pahang who has reimagined Melaka of the golden ages
2020/09/22 Not just period pain: Malaysian survivors of endometriosis stress importance of seeking help early
2020/09/22 Airbus unveils concepts for hydrogen-powered plane
2020/09/22 Height of irony? Banksy painting on consumerism to be sold at auction
2020/09/22 Why the humble pea is ingredient of the future
2020/09/22 ‘Don’t touch the marble’: Visiting the Taj Mahal in a pandemic
2020/09/21 Japanese theme park for adults to open in Tokyo’s red-light district in October
2020/09/21 Comedian Uncle Roger gives stamp of approval for Gordon Ramsay’s Indonesian fried rice (VIDEO)
2020/09/21 Scientists explain how HTP aerosol reduces exposure for smokers compared to cigarette smoke
2020/09/21 Mid Valley Megamall draws up Mid Autumn Festival sale at its Kuala Lumpur and Johor Baru outlets
2020/09/21 Lost at sea: Surfboard drifts 8,000 km from Hawaii to Philippines