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2020/07/31 Pilgrims stone Satan in last major rite of scaled-back Haj
2020/07/31 Tackling risk factors could stop or slow 4 in 10 dementia cases, study shows
2020/07/31 Could getting Botox reduce depression?
2020/07/31 'Cuti-cuti Malaysia' in the time of Covid-19
2020/07/31 Using the internet every day could improve life satisfaction for older adults
2020/07/31 Nepal to reopen Everest to climbers despite spike in Covid-19 cases
2020/07/30 Making the best out of the government SOPs ahead of Hari Raya Aidiladha celebrations
2020/07/30 Surviving selfies: Japan’s purikura photo booths cling on
2020/07/30 A tour of crumbling Malta villa where UK’s queen lived in her 20s
2020/07/30 Would you buy the most haunted manor in Ireland?
2020/07/30 Men’s health: Time for a new approach to policy, practice in Malaysia?
2020/07/30 Malaysian autistic artist who drew Dr Noor Hisham’s portrait on Starbucks cup finally gets to meet hero in person (VIDEO)
2020/07/30 Malaysia Airlines Bhd Academy launches new virtual training programme by digitising modules with DIY training studio
2020/07/30 Time for Asean fashion designers to hit reset button amid Covid-19 economic crisis
2020/07/30 Covid 19: Ipoh heritage gallery to host art exhibition featuring sketches drawn during MCO
2020/07/30 Mystery solved: Scientists trace source of Stonehenge boulders
2020/07/30 China's Sinopharm to test potential Covid-19 vaccine in Brazil
2020/07/30 New research suggests Covid-19 can spread via aerosol transmission, might affect tall people more
2020/07/29 Postcard reveals site of Van Gogh’s ‘farewell note in colour’ before suicide
2020/07/29 Motorised wheelchair: Disabled artist gets best birthday gift in 10 years from Uncle Kentang’s crowdfunding
2020/07/29 Italy’s Hotel Villa Sirena tops TripAdvisor travellers' list of best-value hotels
2020/07/29 Reuniting post-MCO, KL Urban Sketchers delighted to pick up drawing skills, reflect on quarantine-themed drawings
2020/07/29 Malaysian YouTube star S. Pavithra is back with goat bone dalca recipe (VIDEO)
2020/07/29 New study of Ebola survivors reveals more on long-term effects of the virus
2020/07/29 Scientists revive 100 million-year-old microbes from deep under seafloor
2020/07/29 Getting a flu or pneumonia shot linked to a lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease
2020/07/29 Eco-friendly ways to surf the waves
2020/07/29 Being obese could lower the quality of a man's sperm, new research shows
2020/07/29 Air pollution ‘greatest risk’ to global life expectancy
2020/07/29 Stigma around HIV still rampant in US, study finds
2020/07/29 Woolly mammoth skeleton found in lake in Russia’s Arctic
2020/07/29 Coronavirus turns smartphones from luxury to must-have as India’s schools go online
2020/07/29 Providing women with contraception could save poor countries billions
2020/07/29 Virgin Galactic unveils space plane’s cabin, poised for commercial flights
2020/07/28 Banksy works to raise money for Palestinian hospital at auction
2020/07/28 Chinese airlines offer unlimited flights to revive industry
2020/07/28 Makeshift patios take over Paris streets in virus summer
2020/07/28 Moderna, Pfizer start decisive Covid-19 vaccine trials, eye year-end launches
2020/07/28 Florida man charged with fraud for using US$3.9m Covid-19 relief fund to buy Lamborghini
2020/07/28 Australian MP wears garbage bag in response to critics' sexist remarks on her clothing (VIDEO)
2020/07/28 Study: Book interest among Malaysians ranks lowest in South-east Asia during Covid-19 pandemic
2020/07/28 Prolintas Group of Companies receives ISO certification for Anti-Bribery Management System (ABMS)
2020/07/28 Book that exposed French author as paedophile to be made into film
2020/07/28 Wearing a mask doesn't give us a false sense of security, says study
2020/07/28 Being married doesn't necessarily make you happier than staying single, finds new study
2020/07/27 For kitchen-less Hong Kongers, new ban on restaurant dining is a bitter pill
2020/07/27 Croatia tourism down 50pc in July, says official
2020/07/27 Celebrity preacher Ebit Lew launches free ambulance and hearse van service for those who can’t afford it
2020/07/27 Covid-19: Saree-clad robot mannequin in textile shop in India offers hand sanitiser, displays saree while roaming store (VIDEO)
2020/07/27 Rare sighting of dolphins in Tioman excites resort manager, up-close encounter video attracts attention on Facebook (VIDEO)