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2019/08/31 Magnet fishing: The explosive hobby cleaning up French rivers
2019/08/31 Cheetos announces its first-ever fashion show (VIDEO)
2019/08/31 British Museum hands looted ancient tablets to Iraq
2019/08/30 Designer death? South Africa struggles to bury inequality
2019/08/30 Statue resembling Trump erected in Melania’s home country Slovenia
2019/08/30 Village by village, the quest to stop female genital cutting in Somaliland
2019/08/30 Hunters turn gamekeepers to help C. Africa’s threatened wildlife
2019/08/30 India lockdown a major blow for Kashmir tourism
2019/08/30 Idaho artefacts show human presence in Americas 16,600 years ago
2019/08/30 Some benefits of regular ejaculation? Better sleep and enhanced immunity system
2019/08/30 Researchers identify second gene mutation linked to HIV resistance
2019/08/30 ‘Goodbye Gagarin’: Paris suburb razes Communist housing estate
2019/08/30 ‘Dods’ or alive: Defying gravity in Norway’s ‘death diving’
2019/08/30 Malaysian ‘stateless’ teen esports athlete misses out on regional tournament, grabs attention of Youth and Sports Ministry
2019/08/30 Love in a time of tear gas: Politics and romance on Hong Kong’s barricades
2019/08/30 Australia downgrades outlook for Great Barrier Reef to ‘very poor’
2019/08/30 Christie’s to offer the majority of I.M. Pei’s art collection at auction
2019/08/30 Tokyo named world’s safest city, Amsterdam tops Europe ranking
2019/08/30 Malaysian Muslim woman sings praises for Grab driver who waited for her cousin to complete prayers
2019/08/30 Former Dallas detective famously photographed escorting Lee Harvey Oswald dies at 99
2019/08/30 No single ‘gay gene’, according to largest ever DNA analysis
2019/08/30 Parenting stress could lead to poor mother-child relationships, shows study by Singapore's NTU
2019/08/30 In first, brain waves detected in lab grown mini-brains
2019/08/30 Hormone therapies slightly increase breast cancer risk, even a decade later, says study
2019/08/30 Tommy Hilfiger offers a sneak peek at Zendaya’s new fashion designs (VIDEO)
2019/08/30 Vietnamese refugee wins C$60m jackpot in Canada, but keeps it a secret for 10 months
2019/08/30 No-fly boys: new Russian space suit clashes with pee ritual
2019/08/29 ‘Water women’ quench thirst of central India’s parched villages
2019/08/29 Making history: Teaching of LGBT+ rights gains momentum in United States
2019/08/29 Tech tool aims to stop ‘bottlenecks’ in reaching UK homeless
2019/08/29 More people, less water? Scientists see risks on upper Nile
2019/08/29 Oceans turning from friend to foe, warns landmark UN climate report
2019/08/29 ‘Not just basketball’: Circumcisions, pageants at Philippines courts
2019/08/29 Are water shortages driving migration? Researchers dispel myths
2019/08/29 Canadian shipwreck offers up secrets of lost expedition
2019/08/29 Klang shop owner wins hearts online for helping poor couple who couldn’t afford to buy new car battery
2019/08/29 Machinery fashion: EGAN set to launch forklift-inspired fashion label with help of design students
2019/08/29 In Ipoh Old Town, there's a group of people trying to keep art alive with an exhibition
2019/08/29 Last German kaiser’s heirs fight for riches lost behind Iron Curtain
2019/08/29 Lat, drawing on the Malaysian spirit
2019/08/29 Organic beauty is big business right now
2019/08/29 Endangered tapirs thriving on former drug cartel ranch
2019/08/29 Drinking red wine could be good for your gut health, says new study
2019/08/29 Skull find in Ethiopia yields new clues on how humans evolved
2019/08/29 Carrying excess body fat linked to increased risk of depression, study shows
2019/08/29 Millie Bobby Brown unveils her beauty line
2019/08/29 LVMH to rename its Special Prize in honour of Karl Lagerfeld
2019/08/29 Hublot and cricketer Kevin Pietersen design a watch that aims to help protect the rhino
2019/08/29 Marriott Hotels to get rid of all tiny toiletries by 2020
2019/08/28 Reality shot: Photo exhibition reveals Barcelona’s ‘dark’ side