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2019/08/18 Iceland commemorates first glacier lost to climate change
2019/08/18 Mussels, ‘super-filters’ that can help beat water pollution
2019/08/18 Growing pains for pot industry in famed California wine region
2019/08/18 Plastic bags: No longer in fashion?
2019/08/18 Beats replace bombs: Young Iraqis revel at summer festival
2019/08/18 Race to remember Berlin Wall victims, 30 years on
2019/08/17 Four novels for young adults to discover ahead of the third season of ‘13 Reasons Why’
2019/08/17 Acehnese hold mass dance for Indonesian independence day
2019/08/17 Barred, bullied, depressed: Life for many US trans students
2019/08/17 Meet the Ercolines, the Woodstock lovebirds whose hug made history
2019/08/17 ‘Hopper Hotel Experience’ offers opportunity to sleep overnight at Virginia museum
2019/08/17 Arctic sea ice loaded with microplastics
2019/08/16 South India’s kolam art helps women map business opportunities
2019/08/16 ‘Until her bones are broken’: Myanmar activists fight to outlaw domestic violence
2019/08/16 Cardi B models ‘Meet You There’ collection for Reebok (VIDEO)
2019/08/16 In flood-prone southern India, doctors tend mental scars of disasters
2019/08/16 Teens’ social media use could lead to higher levels of depression
2019/08/16 Nirvana artist finds a new canvas in Serbia
2019/08/16 Harassed Moroccan women shun beach for new Rabat pool
2019/08/16 The Iron Curtain: Five things to know
2019/08/16 The British Museum no longer England’s busiest museum
2019/08/16 Remembering German victims of Bulgaria’s Iron Curtain
2019/08/16 Climate change forces Chile ski stations to make fake snow
2019/08/16 Thai man found dead at bus stop allegedly after eating durian with wine
2019/08/16 Levis and Wrangler vow to protect women making jeans from sexual abuse
2019/08/16 Queen of the kitchen: Raja Permaisuri Agong whips up delicious spread for palace staff
2019/08/16 Afghan palace emerges from ruins as centenary nears
2019/08/16 How much porn is bad for you? Expert weighs in on how it can spice up or ruin your sex life
2019/08/16 Sinking city: Indonesia’s capital on brink of disaster
2019/08/16 Trans-Brazil trail raises hopes for future of Atlantic Forest
2019/08/16 Factfile on Africa’s under-studied giant: The giraffe
2019/08/16 Gentle giraffes threatened with ‘silent extinction’
2019/08/16 Smoke in style: Newly-opened Cigar Bar in KL offers enthusiasts height of extravagance
2019/08/16 Looking to the bright side of things: Heavy rain in Subang, Shah Alam gives rise to viral tweets (VIDEO)
2019/08/16 Northern Irish pensioner thrives in off grid cottage
2019/08/16 Gay penguins adopt egg after trying to hatch stone
2019/08/16 Virgin Galactic unveils new Mission Control for space tourism
2019/08/16 I'll be back: Beloved teacher promises to return to Orang Asli students after US master’s degree
2019/08/16 Ghost month grub: Dead pets get earthly feast at Vietnam animal cemetery
2019/08/16 Sprinting to the future: Robo-shorts that help runners get ahead
2019/08/16 ‘The Little Prince’ sketches found in Switzerland
2019/08/16 'Magical' Woodstock: The town that lent the festival its name
2019/08/16 Summer 2019: Hair scarves are back
2019/08/16 Countries push to protect sharks, rays
2019/08/16 US agency: July 2019 hottest month on record for planet
2019/08/16 Dozens of US teens hospitalised with lung disease after vaping
2019/08/15 Samoans ink painful bond with their motherland
2019/08/15 Battle of Carthage: Tunisia demolishes homes to protect ancient site
2019/08/15 When school’s not safe: Afghan war takes toll on kids
2019/08/15 Mexican start-up fights air pollution with artificial trees