‘Sleeping beauty’: Hardworking nasi lemak seller charms Twitter with good looks

Nurul Fauna, 22, has been receiving lots of orders since the viral snapshot. — Picture from Twitter/@arepsalah
Nurul Fauna, 22, has been receiving lots of orders since the viral snapshot. — Picture from Twitter/@arepsalah

PETALING JAYA, April 17 – A photograph of a woman who fell asleep next to her nasi lemak has become the latest point of discussion on Twitter.

Besides praising her persistence to earn a living, others were captivated by her beauty.

In an interview with mStar, Nurul Fauna told the Malay portal she did not expect her picture to attract so much attention on social media.

The image which was uploaded by her younger sister on April 8 received 4,500 retweets at the time of writing.

“I didn’t know she took the picture; I was waiting to deliver orders and I fell asleep because I was tired,” she told mStar yesterday.

“When it made it to Twitter, I was angry at first and asked her to delete the image but she insisted it was nothing, so she didn’t delete it. Unexpectedly, orders have increased too.”

Nurul began selling nasi lemak two years ago.

She also assists a friend in selling clothes in Danau Kota in Setapak.

Recalling the events that took place last week, Nurul said she was tired after returning home from selling clothes around 3am.

“When I come back from selling clothes, I’ll start making nasi lemak. But I didn’t expect it to be ready so early.

“While waiting to deliver the nasi lemak, I fell asleep. Those who said I look beautiful while sleeping, I’m just average, to be honest.

“Maybe it’s because of my sister’s camera phone and the makeup I wore before going to work.”

According to Nurul, she normally receives around 100 orders of nasi lemak each day which has a unique moniker.

“When I used to work in a boutique, people would place orders but I had no time to cook.

“I would make nasi lemak and then I would stop. It’s like hanging, so I came up with the name Nasi Lemak Gantung.

She initially named her business Nasi Lemak Sambal Special but after the name change, more orders poured in.

Meanwhile, social media users flooded the viral with compliments about Nurul’s beauty.

“Even while asleep she’s gorgeous, when she’s awake she probably looks like a fairy. By the way, give us your business’ details, Malaysians love to help,” wrote @NamakuLiha.

For those interested to order Nurul’s nasi lemak, the hardworking entrepreneur charges RM1.20 per pack and RM1 for those who intend to purchase nasi lemak for almsgiving.


Nurul who has been operating out of her home in Wangsa Maju is currently looking for a space to open a nasi lemak stall to grow her business.

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