NatGeo's 2019 best destinations include Toronto, Oman and Dakar

Toronto city, Canada — Tony Tremblay/ pic via AFP
Toronto city, Canada — Tony Tremblay/ pic via AFP

NEW YORK, Nov 28 — From Toronto to Belize, Greenland to Dordogne, France, National Geographic Traveler has revealed its picks for the best must-see destinations and travel experiences of 2019.

Overall, the magazine's Best Trips issue features 28 destinations which are categorized under four themes: Cities, nature, culture and adventure.

Under cities, Toronto, Canada is given a place of honour for what editors describe as a dynamic, multicultural hub for creativity.

The city's diversity — nearly half of its residents are immigrants who together speak more than 200 languages — is credited with fuelling the city's creative mix, be it music (Drake and The Weeknd are namedropped in the piece), food or art.

Meanwhile, travellers seeking to be awed by nature are advised to visit Fanjingshan, China's newest Unesco World Heritage Site. A sacred Buddhist site, intrepid hikers can climb the 7,664-foot Red Clouds Golden Summit, a dramatic, thumb-like peak that takes climbers high into the clouds.

The reward? Sweeping views of the green mountain range below and a temple visit at the top.

In 2019, the Dordogne region of southwestern France will fete the 100th anniversary of the Félibrée, an annual celebration for all things Occitan, one of several reasons it also makes NatGeo's Best Trip 2019 list.

Picture-book castles and the area's nine Michelin-starred restaurants are also reasons to visit this year.

National Geographic's Best Trips destinations for 2019 are:


Dakar, Senegal

Salvador, Brazil

Kansas City, Missouri

Toronto, Canada

Matera, Italy

Perth, Australia

Mexico City, Mexico

Fanjingshan, China — istockphoto/Getty Images pic via AFP
Fanjingshan, China — istockphoto/Getty Images pic via AFP


Peruvian Amazon



Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique

South Walton County, Florida

Fanjingshan, China

Tahiti, French Polynesia


Cairo, Egypt

Hoang Lien Son, Vietnam

Galway, Ireland

Bauhaus Trail, Germany

Oakland, California

Vevey, Switzerland

Dordogne, France



Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness, New Mexico

Isla de los Estados, Argentina


Canterbury Region, New Zealand

Caño Cristales River, Colombia


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