Georgia May Jagger: ‘My style alternates between girly and a bit tomboy’


Georgia May Jagger has come up with a second collection for Morgan for fall-winter 2018. — Picture by Marc de Groot for Morgan
Georgia May Jagger has come up with a second collection for Morgan for fall-winter 2018. — Picture by Marc de Groot for Morgan

LOS ANGELES, Sept 23 — On October 3, fashion brand Morgan will present the fruits of its second collaboration with model Georgia May Jagger—a ready-to-wear collection themed around the essentials of the Parisienne fashionista. We took this occasion to find out more about the it girl’s style, her sources of inspiration and how she envisions her future in fashion.

How did this collaboration with Morgan come about?

They approached me about doing campaigns for them but also designing my own collection which is really exciting for me because I get to be part of the creative process, helping with designing but also picking the photographer, etc.

What was the main inspiration behind this second collection?

The second collection is more wintry. Winter tends to be a bit more boring, so we were inspired by different textures, like vinyl, ikat print and a combination of more metallics and shiny accessories.

What does the Morgan brand mean to you?

The Morgan brand means a classic, French chic—which I think everyone could do with a bit of!

How does the collection reflect you personally?

I don’t just wear one type of thing. I like to wear girly blouses and dresses, but also pieces like the vinyl pants and the skinny jeans. I go between being more feminine and girly to a bit more tomboy.

What is your favorite piece in the collection?

The vinyl jacket with the fake fur trim!

Rock ‘n’ roll, sexy, ultra feminine... there are many sides to this collection. Is your everyday look more rock’n’ roll or more sexy in style?

Like I was saying earlier, I think I’m a mixture of both, depending on how I feel. I don’t have one definite uniform, but it’s probably more rock: skinny jeans, jackets and boots combo.

Do you prefer being muse or designer for a brand?

Both obviously are really great. I’ve worked with so many amazing brands. Being a designer is really exciting because I get to actually have a say in what I’m gonna wear on the shoot, which makes the process of shooting a collection a lot more fun.

Does this project make you want to start your own brand?

I’ve always thought about starting my own brand, but for now I’m working with other brands because I think I would want to do something that was maybe a little bit different. — AFP-Relaxnews

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