Four spots for escaping the crowds at the Venice Carnival

Visitors who stroll away from the main streets in Burano will discover a tranquil world of canals and fishing boats.— AFP pic
Visitors who stroll away from the main streets in Burano will discover a tranquil world of canals and fishing boats.— AFP pic

LIDO (Venice), Jan 31 — Now that Venice’s 2018 carnival is in full swing through February 13, here’s a list of four lagoon area destinations for those who are tempted to escape from the costumed crowd during the festivities in the city.


A 20-minute vaporetto ride from Venice, sparsely populated Sant’Erasmo offers a tranquil break to carnival goers who are eager to escape the crowds. This highly fertile island is reputed as the Most Serene Republic’s vegetable garden. This is where a lot of the fresh produce sold in Venice’s famous markets is grown and an ideal destination for walks and bike rides through peaceful fields and vineyards.


Many of the tourists that visit Murano and Burano miss out on an opportunity to visit Torcello before returning to the island of Venice. Those who do alight from the vaporetto can take advantage of a chance to visit the ancient cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta. This notable example of Venetian-Byzantine architecture is a testament to the island’s history as one of the first to be settled in the Venetian lagoon.


Renowned for its famous lace and as the birth place of “punto in aria” (literally stitches in the air) in the 16th century, Burano offers the opportunity to enjoy pleasant walks through labyrinthine streets. Given its proximity to the island of Murano, which attracts a significant number of tourists, and its highly colorful houses that are much appreciated by amateur photographers, it is likely to be more crowded than Sant’Erasmo. But stray off the beaten track and you will be rewarded with a world of quiet canals and the spectacle of the arrival of the island’s fishing boats.


A breath of fresh air on the beach may not be possible on the island of Venice, but take a boat to the Lido island, a narrow strip of land on the edge of the Venice lagoon and the Adriatic, and you will have ample opportunity to experience the sensation of sand between your toes. During the February carnival, the weather on the island, which is famous as the venue for the Venice International Film Festival, may not be ideal for swimming, but it might well be warm enough for walks in the dunes of San Nicolo and Alberoni, or a stroll along the famous Blue Moon beach. — AFP-Relaxnews

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