From desert destinations to one-day vacays: Pinterest’s travel trends for 2018

The Atacama Desert in Chile. — Picture by Byelikova_Oksana/ via AFP
The Atacama Desert in Chile. — Picture by Byelikova_Oksana/ via AFP

NEW YORK, Dec 14 — Pinterest has revealed its list of upcoming trends for 2018 in the field of travel and tourism.

The social network, which lets users share interests via images, has become a source of inspiration for travellers, with “Pins” on the theme up 33 per cent. According to Pinterest, 68 per cent of users say they’re using the site to search out travel destinations to visit in the future.

Desert destinations

Saves on the theme of “desert travel” are up 125 per cent on Pinterest. Popular desert destinations include Morocco, Rub al-Khali in the United Arab Emirates, the Atacama Desert in Chile and arid regions of the USA.

Travel journals

With saves for “travel journal” up 169 per cent, bullet journals are inspiring new kinds of travel logs as a top trend for 2018. Travellers are getting creative, narrating their own travel experiences with journal entries including colourful sketches, collages, calligraphy and more.

River cruises

From the Rhine to the Mekong, river cruising is taking over from the ocean waves in 2018. This new travel experience is proving popular on Pinterest with saves for “river cruises” up 346 per cent. River cruises in Vietnam, Germany and Egypt are particularly popular.

Street art

From Bristol, UK, to Melbourne Australia, street art brings the walls of the world’s cities to life and travellers are now planning trips to take in the sights. Saves for “street art” are up 79 per cent.

One-day vacay

While city breaks are still popular, anyone who’s lucky enough to travel for work can use the opportunity to add an extra day to their escapade to discover their destination. Saves for “24-hour travel” are up 134 per cent. — AFP-Relaxnews