Not your usual auction from Christie's (VIDEO)

LONDON, Aug 9 — Christie's "Out of the Ordinary" auction has a wide range of items on display.

There's keys used by a lamp-trimmer on board the Titanic. Queen Victoria's bloomers. But the highest estimate for the auction is the Leica Camera Family Tree, thought to be worth up to £450,000 (RM2.36 million).

Director-General of The Royal Photographic Society, Michael Pritchard, says: "We've got 107 Leica cameras right from the preproduction prototype cameras from 1913 all the way up to some of the digital cameras that were made in the mid-2000s.

“So, it tells the complete history of the Leica camera from a technical perspective, a design perspective and it's all arranged in chronological order. So, it really tells that story that's very distinctive and absolutely unique.”

In the year that golf finally returns to the Olympics after an absence of 112 years.

A gold medal from the last time it was played is part of the exhibition.

Head of sale, Celia Harvey, says: “The first one I'd love to show you is this 1904 Olympic gold medal. It's from the summer Olympics in St Louis in 1904 and it was awarded to Robert E Hunter for the team golf.

“Robert Hunter was a 17 year-old amateur golfer and this medal is particularly rare because golf had only featured in the 1900 and 1904 Olympic Games and after a 112 year hiatus it actually returns to the Olympics this year in Rio.

“So, it's a very fitting time to be offering it. What adds to its rarity is the fact that it's also solid gold so it's a truly interesting piece of Olympic memorabilia.”

The “Out of the Ordinary” items will be on display for five weeks

Ahead of an evening auction due to take place on September 14. — Reuters

Screen grab from the Reuters video on Christie's 'Out of the Ordinary' auction.
Screen grab from the Reuters video on Christie's 'Out of the Ordinary' auction.

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