Glittery armpits to enhance your party look

The technicolour trend takes the #freethepits and #hairypitsclub movement to a sparkly new level. ― AFP pic
The technicolour trend takes the #freethepits and #hairypitsclub movement to a sparkly new level. ― AFP pic

NEW YORK, Dec 2 ― If you thought the “glitter beard” trend that took off earlier this winter was the most festive beauty trend yet then think again ― the hot new place to show off sparkly body hair is your armpits.

Yes, that's right ― “glitter armpits”, the latest big beauty trend to hit the internet, are here just in time for the holidays.

The look simply requires growing your armpit hair long enough to cover the fuzz with beautiful twinkly bits for an extreme party look.

One of the early pioneers of the trend is Australian photographer Chrissie Hall (pictured), who posted a snap of her starry golden armpits to her Instagram account several weeks ago. The approach has since been adopted by women everywhere who have taken to the site to share their own take on the look.

Body glitter is a popular and comparatively easy way of achieving the look, while running glittery mascara through your armpit hair is an alternative and subtler method.

Glitter pits really shouldn't come as a surprise, as 2015 will likely go down as the year that women owned their armpit hair. Spring was all about the “rainbow pit” ― a look that saw women opting for technicolour underarms in shades of pink, blue, purple and green. Led by celebrities including Miley Cyrus, colourful armpits became the covetable alternative beauty accessory of the season.

Add to that the recent trends for “glitter roots,” which comprises using glitter to disguise natural roots, and the male counterpart “glitter beards”, and it becomes clear that it was only a matter of time before underarms would get in on the action. One thing's for sure ― holiday makeup for 2015 is set to be a very glamorous affair indeed. ― AFP-Relaxnews