WhoWhatWear publishers launch new beauty site

NEW YORK, July 31 — Byrdie is the latest in a new generation of online beauty publications.WhoWhatWear parent company Clique Media has announced a brand new online title mixing celebrity beauty trends, street style and more in-depth features.

Called Byrdie, the site is helmed by former Elle.com and Fashionista editor Britt Aboutaleb. Byrdie launched July 29 with a piece starring Hollywood's latest up-and-comer Brit Marling and some of this summer's hottest beauty trends, as well as features starring British singer Ellie Goulding and American actress Amanda Seyfried.

Alongside this kind of celebrity-driven beauty, the Byrdie team are also putting together 'how-tos' (Brigitte Bardot hair and lasting tans to start with), product reviews and trend reports.

"There are tons of great beauty blogs out there and a few super niche sites and Byrdie sits somewhere in between them -- it's glossy, with magazine-like layouts and expert advice -- but it's still fun and accessible," Britt explained to Fashionista.

Earlier this year saw the launch of the xoJane beauty offshoot xoVain. The warts-and-all venture calls itself "a new kind of beauty site where there are no secrets." — AFP-Relaxnews