Unicorn cake the top food-related search term among US Google users

Unicorn cake — istock.com/artoleshko pic via AFP
Unicorn cake — istock.com/artoleshko pic via AFP

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec 13 — Google has released the top-trending searches of 2018, an annual report that captures the Zeitgeist of the last 12 months.

When it comes to food, consumers in the US were most interested in the unicorn cake, a natural segue from unicorn lattes and unicorn toast of years past.

The recall of romaine lettuce in the US and Canada placed the salad green in second place, while the popularity of CBD gummies propelled the spiked confectionery to third place.

Overall, the list is dominated by searches for keto recipes — pancakes, cheesecake and chili — as followers of the top-ranked diet of 2018 also turned to Google for ideas on how to indulge in their favourite foods without breaking the rules.

Here are the top food-related searches of 2018 in the US:

1. Unicorn cake

2. Romaine lettuce

3. CBD gummies

4. Keto pancakes

5. Keto cheesecake

6. Necco Wafers

7. Keto cookies

8. Keto chili

9. Keto brownies

10. Gochujang — AFP-Relaxnews

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