A glass of creamy goodness and no, it's not milk!

Soy is an excellent source of protein and fibre and act as perfect meat replacements in vegan diets.
Soy is an excellent source of protein and fibre and act as perfect meat replacements in vegan diets.

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KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 8 — All hail the mighty soy bean! Those tiny things present us with a whole load of yummy delights — tofu, soy bean curd and of course, soy milk! 

The vision of it, encased in a tall, frosty glass on a hot, hot day in all its chilled glory… ahh, bliss. The shared love a huge number of the human population has for this drink has resulted in it being commercially available practically everywhere. 

In Malaysia, you can get it at the market, supermarket, grocery store… why, even at roadside stalls! 

While it’s extremely convenient, wouldn’t you rather make this delicious drink in the comfort (and clean, hygienic environment) of your own kitchen?

With soy milk practically stealing the limelight away from old-fashioned cow’s milk, I guess it’s only fair that we address their superiority. 

Known fact, soy is an excellent source of protein and fibre. In fact, this is the reason they act as perfect meat replacements in vegan diets, allowing them access to a good supply of essential protein. 

Since the protein in soy milk is vegetable-based, they result in less calcium being lost in the kidneys, unlike the protein originating from meat and dairy. 

As surprising as this may be, it is said that a diet rich in animal and dairy protein results in a higher risk for osteoporosis. Besides that, soy milk is a good source of lecithin and vitamin E, and it acts as an admirable substitute to cow’s milk for people with lactose intolerance. 

Oh, and did I mention that soy milk contains less fat and no cholesterol, unlike cow’s milk? Perhaps the most important of its traits is that soy milk is rich in isoflavones, which is said to be able to prevent heart diseases, osteoporosis, and many types of cancer among others.

It’s a piece of cake, really. The soybeans are washed, soaked and ground, before being strained and boiled. You then proceed to add the desired amount of sugar into it and there you have it, your very own homemade soy milk minus the nagging and unsettling little thought of how and where it was prepared. 

Too easy to be true? Check out the instructions below, and you’ll know that I really meant it when I said it’s a piece of cake.

When I find something that tastes awesome, and also happens to double up as being beneficial for our health, I really am at its mercy. And after trying this, I’m sure you would be too.

Soy milk

Preparation time: 6 hours (time to soak the beans)

Cooking time: 1/2 hour

Makes 10-15 glasses


500gm raw soy beans, soaked for 6 hours in clean water

2.5 litres water

approximately 8 pandan leaves, washed and tied in a knot

approximately 5 tablespoons sugar, adjust according to taste


1. Drain soaked soy beans and place in a blender. Note: Add some clean water to the beans before blending and you may have to blend the soy beans in batches.

2. Pour blended soy bean into a large pot and add water.

3. Strain content with a fine muslin cloth into another clean pot. Discard residue.

4. Add pandan leaves into pot with strained soy bean mixture. Boil over low heat for 30-40 minutes, ensuring you stir often to prevent burning.

5. Add sugar just before you turn off the heat.

6. Turn off heat and allow to cool.

7. Serve drink hot or chilled. 

For more recipes, please go to www.chopstickdiner.com.

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