PARIS, Oct 15 ― The hydrogen component of the “Renaulution” ― the Renault group's major strategic plan ― is embodied by the Hyvia joint venture, founded by the French carmaker in collaboration with American company Plug Power. Today, Hyvia is unveiling a first prototype, together with a designated refueling station. This is the first step towards building an ecosystem that will soon promote the use of green hydrogen.

With the Renault Master Van H2-Tech, Hyvia presents an electric van powered by green hydrogen, thus producing no CO2 emissions whatsoever. This vehicle is equipped with a 30 kW fuel cell for a range of up to 500km. A production version, intended primarily for companies and local authorities, should be available by 2022.

The Renault Master Van H2-Tech has four tanks, able to store up to 6kg of hydrogen in total. A hydrogen refuelling station has also been unveiled to allow quick refuelling (full refuelling will take about five minutes), in a simple and safe way.

These prototypes are a first illustration of the ecosystem that Hyvia hopes to develop, including green hydrogen production, obtained from water electrolysis using renewable electricity.

Two other vehicle prototypes compatible with this type of hydrogen technology are already in the works: a larger van and a minibus that can carry up to 15 passengers. ― ETX Studio