SEPT 26 — Volvo is taking a first step towards making its car interiors vegan by ditching animal leather. The carmaker is taking a stand for animal welfare by introducing these new leather-free interiors in all its upcoming electric models, starting with the C40 Recharge. The trend is likely to snowball, with other manufacturers following suit.

In order to banish all traces of leather from its cars, Volvo is working on new high-quality, sustainable materials. The manufacturer's goal is to use 25% recycled and bio-based materials in the manufacture of new Volvo vehicles by 2025.

Nordico, for example, is a new interior material created by Volvo. It consists of textiles from recycled materials such as plastic bottles and wine corks, as well as materials from sustainable forests. The brand will also continue to offer wool-blend upholstery options from suppliers certified to source responsibly.

More generally, Volvo is seeking to reduce the use of residual products from livestock farming, which are commonly used in the production of plastics and lubricants. The ultimate goal is to offer a truly "vegan" interior in the near future.

Other manufacturers are also working towards using recycled materials in their future interiors. Jaguar Land Rover, for example, has announced plans to integrate elements made from 100% recycled Econyl nylon into the interiors of its next models. This material is made entirely from ocean and landfill waste.

For its part, BMW has just unveiled a concept car built entirely around notions of sustainability and the circular economy. The result is a car with no exterior paint, no leather and no chrome, composed mainly of 3D printed parts made from recycled materials.

Check out Volvo's upcoming leather-free interiors in this video: — ETX Studio