The Geneva motor show will make a stopover in Qatar

Doha is getting ready to host the first Qatar-Geneva Motor Show. — AFP pic
Doha is getting ready to host the first Qatar-Geneva Motor Show. — AFP pic

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GENEVA, Aug 27 — The Geneva Motor Show is getting ready to head to the Middle East. A spin-off of the famous Swiss show is being planned for Qatar, possibly for the fall of 2022. The timing would put it just a few weeks before the World Cup event being organised in the emirate.

After two successive cancellations due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Geneva Motor Show finds itself looking to new adventures to help build back its visibility. After a new edition is scheduled for March 2022, the organisers of the show have announced a new event set to be held in Qatar! The future Qatar-Geneva show is the result of a collaboration between the Swiss organisers and Qatar Tourism.

Historically, the Geneva Motor Show is oriented towards the premium segment, with a focus on luxurious sedans and powerful, prestigious sports cars. These models should also appeal to the Qatari market and will be an attractive showcase for the brands and the destination. The idea is to make this future event a new, world-renowned, must-see car show, organised every two years.

A first edition is planned for the fall of 2022 or 2023. The choice of 2022 would certainly be the more opportune, as it would be just before the World Cup of soccer takes place, offering increased publicity.

In the meantime, the next show in Geneva, Switzerland, is still scheduled for February 19-27, 2022. Mark your calendars! — ETX Studio

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