Battle of the electric pickups: Canoo debuts its Tesla Cybertruck rival (VIDEO)

Will the Canoo pickup cause as much hype as the Tesla Cybertruck? — Picture courtesy of Canoo via ETX Studio
Will the Canoo pickup cause as much hype as the Tesla Cybertruck? — Picture courtesy of Canoo via ETX Studio

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PALO ALTO, March 12 — Almost a year and a half ago, Tesla caused a buzz by revealing its Cybertruck, an eye-catching and imposing pickup promising power and versatility. Now, the Canoo startup has unveiled its Cybertruck rival, a vehicle with a more conventional design that promises to be as handy around town as in the great outdoors. It remains to be seen which electric truck will prove the biggest hit with consumers.

The Tesla Cybertruck is a six-seater electric pick-up boasting a highly futuristic look thanks to its sleek yet angular design. This modular vehicle can even be fitted with a bed tent and barbecue. In terms of performance, it’s billed as reaching 100 km/h in under three seconds, and with a range of up to 800 km on a single charge.

It has a towing capacity of up to six tons, and is both shock-resistant and bulletproof. Inspired by the world of “Blade Runner,” the Cybertruck caused an instant buzz while breaking preorder records (which, unofficially, already top 700,000). Price is expected to range from US$39,900 (RM164,310) to US$69,900, depending on power and range. The first Cybertruck shipments in the US aren’t expected before 2022.

And just one year later, this surprising pickup from Canoo is scheduled to land. It has a slightly more conventional design than Tesla’s offering, promising to be particularly functional. Destined as much for work as for weekends away and adventures, this pickup is counting more on practicality than performance.

At the front of the vehicle, a work table with electric sockets can be deployed — also handy for picnics in the wild. Plus, on the sides of the vehicle, small additional tables can be folded out. The back of the pickup is modular, making it possible to split the truck bed into several zones for specific loads. Wheel chocks make it possible to secure bikes and there are configurable tie-downs for ladders. Roof racks are an optional extra. Note too, that the truck has been designed to accommodate a variety of camper shells.

Its two motors deliver power equivalent to up to 600 hp, without further details for the time being. Canoo announces just over 320km of range and a maximum payload capacity of 816kg, just half that of the Cybertruck.

Pricing is yet to be announced. Preorders are scheduled to open in the second half of 2021. — ETX Studio

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