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2020/03/30 Detroit Auto Show 2020 cancelled, venue turned into temporary Covid-19 care centre
2020/03/29 Detroit auto show cancelled due to Covid-19
2020/03/18 Renault Malaysia offers online purchase and ‘sanitised’ car delivery amid Covid-19 shutdown
2020/03/18 Legendary Mercedes 190 E Evo celebrates 30th anniversary (VIDEO)
2020/03/17 All TNG RFID Fitment centres to be closed until April
2020/03/14 Volvo recalls 736,000 cars for autobrake issues
2020/03/12 BMW’s first plug-in hybrid car, the i8, officially goes into retirement
2020/03/12 Hyundai teases next-gen Elantra, debuting new 'Parametric Dynamics' design philosophy (VIDEO)
2020/03/11 New York Auto Show delayed five months due to Covid-19
2020/03/10 Will you soon be receiving a package from a driverless delivery van?
2020/03/10 Porsche Taycan customers can now explore the vehicle in VR before they buy
2020/03/06 Genesis publishes first official images of chic and sophisticated new G80 sedan
2020/03/05 Cadillac publishes teaser of their first official EV: The Lyriq SUV
2020/03/05 FCA debuts the new Fiat 500, the brand’s first retail model with fully electric powertrain (VIDEO)
2020/03/05 GM unveils long-range battery in fresh electric car push
2020/03/05 Hispano Suiza beefs up Carmen with very limited Boulogne edition
2020/03/05 Bugatti's Chiron Pur Sport is flattest, most agile Chiron yet (VIDEO)
2020/03/04 Malaysia is the first SEA country to get Waze underground tunnel mapping
2020/03/04 Volkswagen previews its first all-electric SUV, the ID.4
2020/03/04 The new Porsche 911 Turbo S is more powerful than ever (VIDEO)
2020/03/04 Hyundai’s slick and glossy Prophecy concept EV foregoes a steering wheel (VIDEO)
2020/03/04 Pininfarina premieres hyper-luxurious, hyper-exclusive rendition of their all-electric hypercar (VIDEO)
2020/03/04 Goodyear announces its latest take on the airless car tyre (VIDEO)
2020/03/04 Bentley unveils the Mulliner Bacalar two-seater (VIDEO)
2020/03/04 Organiser: Munich to host next IAA German car show
2020/03/04 BMW previews ‘i4’ Tesla challenger
2020/03/03 VW ditches natural gas to focus on e-cars
2020/03/03 New Peugeot 208 voted 2020 European Car of the Year
2020/03/03 Renault unveils Morphoz, its latest autonomous, modular concept car (VIDEO)
2020/03/02 Covid-19: Malaysia autoshow 2020 postponed to July
2020/03/01 2020 Car of the Year: A review of the finalists