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2020/01/31 After nearly 70 years, Frankfurt will no longer host the IAA motor show
2020/01/31 Lincoln’s first fully electric vehicle to be based on Rivian platform (VIDEO)
2020/01/31 GM revives Hummer as all-electric vehicle
2020/01/30 Alpine A110 SportsX, a mountain-ready SUV
2020/01/29 Karma to show off all-electric pickup concept this year
2020/01/29 Tesla owners in China get free supercharging during coronavirus outbreak
2020/01/28 Volkswagen’s next-gen delivery van to be ‘sporty’ and ‘confident,’ not just practical
2020/01/28 Maserati to unveil first model with electric powertrain in April
2020/01/28 Aiways ready for Europe (VIDEO)
2020/01/28 Inside the ultra-luxurious Bentley Flying Spur (VIDEO)
2020/01/27 Bugatti touts green ambitions while storming full speed ahead
2020/01/24 Waymo self-driving minivans take to more US roads
2020/01/23 Seven rare Bugattis headlining Bonhams sale at Paris’ Grand Palais
2020/01/23 No pedals, no steering wheel: Cruise unveils autonomous shuttle
2020/01/23 Debut of Volkswagen's next production ID delayed until April
2020/01/21 The new-generation Volkswagen Golf GTI will go on show in Geneva
2020/01/21 First production 2020 Chevy C8 Corvette auctioned off for US$3m
2020/01/18 Shape-shifting chair by Jaguar Land Rover simulates sensation of walking while driving
2020/01/17 Audi freshens up and discounts the A5 for 2020 model year
2020/01/16 Toyota teases new compact SUV for European lineup
2020/01/16 Hyundai and Kia bet on London startup for electric cars
2020/01/16 Mazda unveils new CX-30 as part of its new generation of crossover SUVs
2020/01/16 Genesis officially takes wraps off flagship GV80 SUV in S.Korea (VIDEO)
2020/01/15 Maserati’s latest hyper-exclusive series looks like it’s painted in liquid jewels
2020/01/14 Electric Hummer to be revealed in Super Bowl 54 ad next month
2020/01/14 Honda debuts refreshed Civic Type R at Tokyo Auto Salon
2020/01/14 Elon Musk teases future Tesla ability to talk to pedestrians (VIDEO)
2020/01/14 Aston Martin rescinds plans to put electric Rapide E into production, says report
2020/01/12 Vintage Mustang from movie ‘Bullitt’ auctioned for US$3.7m
2020/01/10 Connected cars moving targets for hackers
2020/01/10 Auto sector tech innovations speed ahead at CES
2020/01/09 Koenigsegg, a supercar challenging Swedish stereotypes
2020/01/09 Mini prepares for summer by announcing the drop-top Convertible Sidewalk
2020/01/09 CES 2020: BMW’s iNext will have 5G connectivity
2020/01/08 Perodua launches 2020 Bezza, expects to sell 4,000 units per month
2020/01/08 Sony brings electric car concept to CES 2020
2020/01/08 Mercedes presents a concept inspired by the universe of the film ‘Avatar’
2020/01/07 Hyundai to make flying cars for Uber air taxis
2020/01/07 MARii, Proton, DRB-Hicom, Catarc to develop next gen vehicle testing facilities
2020/01/05 Blackberry partners with Damon Motorcycles to create electric superbike
2020/01/03 Latest Perodua Bezza now open for booking
2020/01/03 Barcelona bans older, most polluting cars
2020/01/02 Bentley won’t launch fully electric car until at least 2025
2020/01/02 Genesis publishes first official photos of brand’s first SUV
2020/01/02 RFID on PLUS open toll plazas: Everything you need to know
2020/01/01 VW envisions a world where mobile robots will autonomously charge EVs