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2020/12/21 Petronas Dagangan introduces PETRONAS Primax 97 with Pro-Race
2020/12/18 E-scooters take off in Covid-hit London despite legal obstacles
2020/12/17 Amazon has unveiled its fully self-driving robotaxi called Zoox (VIDEO)
2020/12/14 The electric vehicle that doesn’t need charging (VIDEO)
2020/12/08 Porsche is participating in the development of a new green biofuel
2020/12/04 'Fake city' built especially for testing autonomous vehicles
2020/12/03 These electric buses can be charged while driving
2020/12/02 Carmakers worldwide are embracing electrification
2020/12/02 BlackBerry, Amazon team up on smart car software platform
2020/12/01 What will Elon Musk make of this e-bike concept inspired by Tesla?
2020/12/01 Toyota launches its new fuel cell sedan, promising better performance and range
2020/11/28 Tesla could widen release of ‘self-driving’ software in two weeks
2020/11/28 UK’s sole hydrogen car maker bets on green revolution
2020/11/27 When a street light is also an electric car charging station
2020/11/25 New material developed to protect car sensors and radars
2020/11/24 Countries ending the sale of new internal combustion cars
2020/11/23 Simulator that analyses driver behaviour in real time
2020/11/17 This company wants electric scooters to be smarter and safer around pedestrians
2020/11/16 Dirt bikes, jeeps tear up Gaza cliff
2020/11/14 Car parts made from rice husks coming soon?
2020/11/13 Watch out for mileage fraud in second-hand BMWs
2020/11/11 Honda wins world-first approval for Level 3 autonomous car
2020/11/11 Catching the number 1: Aberdeen trials hydrogen buses
2020/11/06 The world’s fastest electric motorcycle hits 408 km/h
2020/11/05 Greek island to shift to electric mobility with VW
2020/11/04 Waymo has revealed the first results of its self-driving cars after two years of testing and millions of miles travelled
2020/10/28 Mercedes bets on evolution as Tesla touts revolution in automated driving
2020/10/27 AG Autoworld in Johor receives over 300 bookings for Proton X50
2020/10/27 Proton X50: What’s the difference between Standard, Executive, Premium and Flagship?
2020/10/27 Official price of Proton X50 starts from RM79,200
2020/10/27 Champion gas-guzzler Hummer returns in EV mode (VIDEO)
2020/10/23 Tesla's release of new 'self-driving' software closely watched by US regulator
2020/10/20 Inflatable scooter looks to the future of mobility (VIDEO)
2020/10/16 Drivers stay pedestrian when it comes to car colours
2020/10/15 Live showrooms, interactive 3D imaging: How carmakers are taking auto shows into virtual world
2020/10/13 Assisted driving and safety: Tesla outstripped by German carmakers (VIDEO)
2020/10/13 Drone trucks deliver the future of haulage
2020/10/12 Pandemic fuels New York used-car sale surge, risking 'Carmageddon'
2020/10/11 Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX aims to be the longest range EV in the world
2020/10/11 Proton X50: Here’s why the new SUV got a five-star rating by Asean NCAP (VIDEO)
2020/10/08 Recycled waste being used for Jaguar, Land Rover interiors
2020/10/07 Five tips for staying safe on the road this autumn
2020/10/02 Speed, safety and style: What it’s like to be behind the wheel of new Proton X50
2020/10/01 This car can produce electricity for emergency response (VIDEO)
2020/10/01 All-electric and hydrogen trucks to carry freight on tomorrow's roads
2020/09/30 Overwhelming response for yet to be launched Proton X50
2020/09/29 An ultra-light electric motorcycle for the price of a Tesla (VIDEO)
2020/09/28 Crowds in masks pack out Beijing auto show after virus delay
2020/09/24 Mercedes-Benz launches new GLB SUV range in Malaysia, priced from RM269,118
2020/09/24 Check out the futuristic looks of the Reevo e-bike (VIDEO)