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2019/12/31 Kia Imagine concept crossover slated to become production EV in 2021
2019/12/27 Turkey unveils first fully homemade car in US$3.7b bet on electric
2019/12/24 All Petronas stations now supply Euro 4M RON95
2019/12/22 Mock skyscrapers, simulated rain at Singapore self-driving test centre
2019/12/21 Citroen announces it will make EVs available to all from 2020
2019/12/21 US talks with GM over deploying self-driving cars without steering wheels
2019/12/18 Porsche unveils a new, more powerful Macan GTS
2019/12/15 Lofty promises for autonomous cars unfulfilled
2019/12/14 Proton X70 sale hits 200 units in first few days of Shopee’s 12.12 birthday sale
2019/12/13 Grab Thailand’s new service could finally solve drinking and driving issues
2019/12/13 Ferrari plans electric car debut only ‘after 2025’
2019/12/13 Mercedes-Benz offers first official teaser of all-electric EQA
2019/12/13 Interior of commissioned Rolls-Royce Phantom resembles sky-blue rose garden
2019/12/12 BMW vehicles will support Android Auto in addition to Apple CarPlay in 2020
2019/12/12 The new-generation Mercedes-Benz GLA shows its teeth (VIDEO)
2019/12/11 McLaren 620R: Motor sporting power in a road-legal package
2019/12/11 US customers can now shop for their Cadillacs in private, digital showrooms (VIDEO)
2019/12/10 Revving up to a new speed record in the Kalahari
2019/12/06 Toyota reveals plans to launch over 30 vehicles in three years
2019/12/05 California Uber users can soon request rides from their favourite drivers
2019/12/05 Ford to use coffee bean skins from McDonald’s to make car parts (VIDEO)
2019/12/05 Alibaba-backed startup AutoX applies for driver-less test permit in California
2019/12/05 Bentley launches Continental GT limited edition to celebrate Pikes Peak record
2019/12/05 Lucid Motors' first EV to roll out in December 2020
2019/12/04 Jaguar F-Type gets sleek, sporty redesign for 2021 model year (VIDEO)
2019/12/03 China to target quarter of vehicle sales to be electric by 2025
2019/12/02 2019: The year pickup trucks started going electric
2019/12/01 Electric revolution: Eight car manufacturers that launched first production EV in 2019